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10/14/2009: "Lena Katina interview with AIF"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

Do you realize you never get there any more?
Success never lasts forever. First I felt very emotional about it, like “Oh, nobody needs us anymore”. But it was gone quite fast when we realized that – thanks God – there are still lots of our fans all over the world, who listen to us. And they wait when we create something new.
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Replies: 5 Comments

on Friday, October 16th, Torpe said

I just fall in love with Lena, so open and understanding.

on Thursday, October 15th, Sofia said

Great interview. I like hearing the truth like that, there are always so many rumors going around about tatu and the beginning years and stuff.

on Wednesday, October 14th, liz said

i hope they're going to sell the album in their shop, or i will be one angry woman!

on Wednesday, October 14th, ilovetatu said

a couple says ago Lena said in October but the blog changed it. I hope tatu.ru confirms a date soon...

on Wednesday, October 14th, tatuquest said