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10/14/2009: "Lena Katina’s official accounts"

Source: Lena-Katina.com

You can now follow Lena Katina on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and iLike!

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on Friday, October 16th, cynthia said

awesome !

on Thursday, October 15th, Fabian said

So awesome! I'm gonna make a Facebook just because she has one, and since she got one, she now made it cool! :D

on Thursday, October 15th, Robbert said

ilovetatu,, she said that she only needed help on the computer when its in english. when you speak Russian like I, she will most likely reply. and you should know it's her because troy himself left her a comment

on Wednesday, October 14th, ilovetatu said

that's awesome. wonder if she uses them because she said in an interview once she always had to have help when she uses the internet.