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10/19/2009: "Gallery Update: Russian Fashion Week"

Source: Fotozvedi.com, tassphoto.com, photoxpress.ru

Yulia Volkova and Parviz Yasinov attended Russian Fashion Week on October 17th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Thanks to Max Franco and Dennis (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Thursday, October 29th, cynthia said

one : LOL liz xP ahahha you cracked me up !
second: yes Yulia looks good ... (ignoring the lips and whatever plastic stuff her face is now made of ...)

on Friday, October 23rd, Jo said

We finally have her short hair back, now we're just missing her face. x(


on Thursday, October 22nd, jenn said

Ugh. He's still around?

on Thursday, October 22nd, VOLKOVA said

Once upon a time Yulia was f**king stunning. Now she's a complete mess.
Can she and the others around her honestly not see what she's done to herself?
For god's sake. Enough is enough!

on Wednesday, October 21st, Faiza said

I can actually see yulia's natural looks when i ignore her lips and eyebrows and eyeliner. Her hair is awesome it's just like how it was before. especially in lyudi invalidi video :)looks like yulia didn't do any plastic surgery, but only botox and extra make up :) she looks better than "usual" these days tho. but she could do better :) good pictures tho

on Wednesday, October 21st, cvw220 said

a year ago from today Vesyolye Ulybki was released!

on Wednesday, October 21st, تاتيتو said

I have enough of this.

on Tuesday, October 20th, Brandon said

As soon as I saw this update, I thought to myself "Uh-oh, here come the comments on her face." It's not that I don't agree with the comments, it's just that whenever I see an update involving Yulia, I just know that there's gonna be a bunch of comments on how she's ruining her natural beauty, and maybe even an argument. XD

on Tuesday, October 20th, Aryle said

Oh Yulia, what have you done to yourself? :[[ You are such a good singer and performer, why are you destroying your face?

on Monday, October 19th, Sam said

I thought Lena said her lips were supposed to go down :( darnn.

on Monday, October 19th, Samty said

She's seems to be older with those lips and eyebrows. She was prettier before.
They look like a normal couple and they seem happy.
Emphasize the "they seem happy"

on Monday, October 19th, cvw220 said

She looks old but still great, he seems possessive.

on Monday, October 19th, G said

Firstly: LOL! thanx Liz :)
Secondly: What tacky looking couple. Sorry Yuli, u look like a 2-bit pornstar :P ..miss u

on Monday, October 19th, liz said

dear god, can you please use one of you're lightning bolts, and strike yoko parviz? everytime i look at him, my eyes bleed. thank you!

on Monday, October 19th, Colettio said

the 2/10 scares me a little bit. she is still beautiful tho.