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10/22/2009: "Video: How Soon Is Now? (Alternative Version)"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded an alternative version of “How Soon Is Now?” music video directed by Valerie Polienko (“Ne Ver, Ne Boisia, Ne Prosi”), featuring additional unreleased footage from the studio rehearsal. Click here to download it in high quality.

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on Thursday, October 29th, cynthia said

i like this one :) love the vid :P so funny

on Monday, October 26th, Brandon said

Wow, I think I prefer this version! :) I love some of those funny facial expressions. XD

on Saturday, October 24th, Luna said

Aww, I love the part where Yulka is playing guitar! Can she really play or was she just having fun?

on Saturday, October 24th, MARISSA said


on Friday, October 23rd, Thaís said

Perfect video, Amanda :)!Thank you so much :)!

And, I prefer the 2 xD

on Friday, October 23rd, TaTyTu said

00:46 Yulia hahaha, LMAO

on Friday, October 23rd, Robbert said

I love this one Amanda. like Aryle said, this one owns the original version. lol. keep up the videos. you should try to get a hold of Valerie and try to get the actual rehearsal. i really want to know what all they sang there. i love Yulia's facial expression when she messed up. lol

on Friday, October 23rd, RemiRemi said

Thank you so much Amanda!

on Thursday, October 22nd, Mercedes said

I love it!

on Thursday, October 22nd, Aryle said

Amanda, your version OWNS the original :]

on Thursday, October 22nd, cvw220 said

Great video!

on Thursday, October 22nd, Sam said

which reharsal it is?

on Thursday, October 22nd, Philip said

I noticed that there's a Shakira's snippet video. AMAZING AMANDA :-)

on Thursday, October 22nd, Angel said

Thank You Amanda

Please upload Простые движения backdrop (tour 2003)


on Thursday, October 22nd, Snakelinglover said

I loved this version, some lovely footage i havent seen before!
cheers amanda and co ;)

on Thursday, October 22nd, Amanda said

Guys, do you prefer the original or alternative version? :-)

on Thursday, October 22nd, eliseo said

love this song! love love love it!