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10/26/2009: "“Prostye Dvizhenya” (That Black remix)"

Source: PromoDJ.ru

Sergey (nfne) has released the official “Prostye Dvizhenya” remix by That Black. It was performed during t.A.T.u.’s tour in 2003. Click here to download it from promodj.ru.

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on Sunday, November 1st, RemiRem said

Very nice and all, but this mix wasn't done by That Black.

Apparently, "That Black" confirmed to myself, that this was not his work. There for, it is just the "PD (Bomba Goda Mixxx"

on Friday, October 30th, tavo said

i cant download it ):

on Thursday, October 29th, cynthia said

finally :) amazing song !!!

on Wednesday, October 28th, Sofia said

Ohhh my god, thank god.


on Tuesday, October 27th, Amanda said

Eliseo, this is the original version. The version that t.A.T.u. performed at Bomba Goda in March, 2003 was an edited version.

on Tuesday, October 27th, eliseo said

i though it sucked :/ i like the original.

on Tuesday, October 27th, Kevin said


on Monday, October 26th, DJ said

Only, you know, one of their most famous performances ever! So cool! Say, do official versions of the other remixes from Bomba Goda exist?

on Monday, October 26th, cath said

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! ive been waiting for this remix FOR FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh i nearly peed my pants when i came on allmylove today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY EVER!

on Monday, October 26th, Philip said

Cool!, I've been waiting 4 this for years!!

on Monday, October 26th, M!KE said

Aw, it's not working for me... =[

on Monday, October 26th, liz said

dear sergey,

i <3 u! (in a friend way)

on Monday, October 26th, Marte said

Great, Thanks :D :D

on Monday, October 26th, TaTyTu said

Cool, is there is another official remixes or just this one ?