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10/30/2009: "Video: “White Robe” music video"

Source: YouTube.com

t.A.T.u.’s international music video “White Robe” has been released by Coqueiro Verde Records.

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on Thursday, November 5th, Faiza said

shall i repeat myself... here's the official video... it's fully in sync and looks exactly official...

ya? ok now beleive it...

on Wednesday, November 4th, kelly said

they are doing such a crappy job at promoting the international version of Happy Smiles. There is noooo excitement what so ever. And its just english music on top of the original russian video. :P

on Tuesday, November 3rd, tatulover said

i agree with robbert the video is different the english virson awsome

on Monday, November 2nd, Robbert said

okkk. for the people who say it isnt official, you are soooo wrong. there are some new scences in it. like the when yulka is brusihing her teeth, it starts different by showing her put the tooth paste on and it goes from the sink up. and the bed part is longer when lena sings. this is the english version.

on Monday, November 2nd, Amanda said

This is the official music video. It is only out-of-sync due to an uploading error by Coqueiro Verde Records, but there are in-sync versions available (see below).

on Sunday, November 1st, Mia said

This is not official. Sorry guys. They are not actually singing in english, they just cut some parts of the russian version.

on Sunday, November 1st, Faiza said

here's the actual english version. lip syncing is perfect


on Sunday, November 1st, Sarah said

Well, I guess we'll have to wait for t.A.T.u.'s channel for a version where the music fits :p

on Saturday, October 31st, John said

The music and video are not in sync with each other. I think its either slow or fake :)

on Saturday, October 31st, tatulover said

no this is the official video becuse they talk english good video i want see this video in tv

on Saturday, October 31st, cynthia said

well , official or not , its a great version :D

on Saturday, October 31st, TaTyTu said

I can't wait till someone upload the HQ ver.

on Friday, October 30th, Robbert said

It is official or Amanda wouldn't post it... duh. they have a resycronized version. just look up white robe and then click the Uploaded Today tab. trust me they are speaking po-anglisskki. =]

on Friday, October 30th, Whitney said

No, it's the official. the sound was a few seconds off. I was able to read Lena's lips before the 1st chorus and she was mouthing the english lyrics. It's on the fault of the people (or maybe even youtube) who uploaded it. Sometimes things don't get uploaded correctly causing sound errors and other silly errors

on Friday, October 30th, Lucas said

This is fan made. This is not original, nor official.

on Friday, October 30th, tatulove said

wow finaly the english video

on Friday, October 30th, mark said

i dont know if any 1 notices but their lips dont move with the words lmao i dotn think this is the actualy release of the vid i think its another fan made 1 :