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11/04/2009: "t.A.T.u. on Radio Alla"

Source: Radioalla.ru

Radioalla.ru published a new photo from t.A.T.u.ís interview with Alla Pugacheva in October, 2009.

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on Sunday, November 8th, cynthia said

waw xD they look awesome both of them <3 so cute !

on Friday, November 6th, Anthony said

yeah I hope they'll stick 2gether 4 ever <3

on Friday, November 6th, Brandon said

It's nice to see t.A.T.u. doing a few things together, at the very least. :P

on Thursday, November 5th, Ryane said

Alla! :D I honestly can't stand her music, but she's got star power for sure. Lena is gorgeous, as per usual. Julia's... um, thin.

on Thursday, November 5th, Jack said

I miss their...

Lena and Yulia are so cute <3...

on Thursday, November 5th, Jessica said

Take a good look to Sweet MiSs Katina :)
I want to kiss her >_<

on Thursday, November 5th, Frutiy said

I wish they can get back together someday.

on Thursday, November 5th, Natasha said

I want 2 take a picture with them.

on Wednesday, November 4th, colettio said

yulia's hair line looks weird...lol cute pic. i did a report relating to Pugacheva, its was the Music of Russia for my senior project. she was pretty popular

on Wednesday, November 4th, Kayla C. said

aww such a cute picture!

on Wednesday, November 4th, TaTyTu said

lol Volchitsa, what did u mean xD
they look cute btw.

on Wednesday, November 4th, Volchitsa said

Thankgod the pic is small.