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11/06/2009: "Lenaís first post on Lena-Katina.com"

Source: Lena-Katina.com

Well, for the first time in my 25-year-long life Iíve celebrated Halloween in America. I canít say Iím now the biggest fan of it, but the whole idea of celebrating this holiday, with dressed up people of all ages with fun make-up who take or treat to candies, decorate their places with spider webs, skeletons shaking bones, ghosts and all that is very cool.
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on Wednesday, November 11th, Brandon said

Yes, Fernando, that is Boris. :)

on Wednesday, November 11th, fernando said

Is the other guy Boris?

on Monday, November 9th, Sam said

Hahaha thats awesome :) I love Halloween!

on Sunday, November 8th, cynthia said

LOL ,so cool XD happy she had fun!

on Saturday, November 7th, J3sUsD said

I can't wait for her album

on Saturday, November 7th, Totti said

Did she posts the picture and all that kindda stuff in her website by her own?

on Saturday, November 7th, Faiza said

I want the tatu girls to celebrate it together :O Lena should dress up as yulia, and yulia as lena, in school girl outfits ^_^

on Saturday, November 7th, Farfan said

next time I want to see her in a Gothic outfits xD

on Saturday, November 7th, Brandon said

Lol, nice. XD It's great to see her trying to get in the Halloween spirit, especially since she has mentioned a distaste for the holiday before. :) Her Halloween was certainly more eventful than mine.

on Friday, November 6th, Aryle said

How cool! :D And YAY! Lena had an American Halloween xD. She looks so pretty!

on Friday, November 6th, Tof said


on Friday, November 6th, liz said

yay! update!