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11/10/2009: "“White Robe” premiered on MTV Brazil"

Source: Tatu.ru

Today the English version of the “Beliy Plaschik” music video - White Robe - premiered on MTV Brazil.

New set of previously unreleased pictures from shooting location is here - enjoy!

Exact information on Latin American release of the Waste Management album is coming soon.

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on Monday, November 16th, jenn said

I love how her nails match her black panties.

on Monday, November 16th, Genesis said


on Sunday, November 15th, G said

@Faiza - MADE THEM SMALLER?!?! ur kidding right?? it's not that simple- certainly not within 24hours! what are you like 10years old?

on Thursday, November 12th, jenn said


WHY? She is so beautiful the way she is, why do.... THAT?!
Hold up, guys. Imma go cry. Who wants to join me?

on Thursday, November 12th, Faiza said

i've actually seen that pic b4 on facebook lol it's really old... it's actually the first time she scared me with her lips xD good thing she made them smaller the next day

on Thursday, November 12th, igor said

Jesus Moreno- yes, when she is sitting in the chair, that's what i thought as well

on Thursday, November 12th, Ed said

Yulia is the sexiest of sexy :), i like her!

Lena is so cute and sweet <3!

I hope that something will happen with this new album...

I also hope that Waste Management will have a big success in Brasil...

on Wednesday, November 11th, liz said

@g. thanks. now i'm going to have nightmares about her face tonight! LOL!

on Wednesday, November 11th, Jesus Moreno said

@G wait never mind lol holy crap well she still really pretty but damn hahaha

on Wednesday, November 11th, Jesus Moreno said

@G sorry but that link is forbidden to me for some reason

on Wednesday, November 11th, G said

http://humorland.wordmess.net/files/2008/11/tatu2.jpg - I'll let u bet the judge ;) (sobs hysterically)

on Wednesday, November 11th, Jesus Moreno said

Lol I know what plastic surgery is I just had no idea that Yulia had some work done on her???? What did she do to herself???

on Wednesday, November 11th, G said

haha JENN- that was the pun ;) and for Jesus Moreno's information: there are "medical-cosmetic" procedures known commonly as PLASTIC SURGERY- it's basically something insecure people do to soothe an inferiority complex. I'm sure you can google plastic surgery and learn a whole lot about it :P

on Wednesday, November 11th, Fabian said

Don't worry, guys!
Just like Yulia's tan, her lips will slowly fade. xD
I still think she looks great! :D

on Wednesday, November 11th, Jesus Moreno said

@Jenn what do u mean she mutilated her face???

on Wednesday, November 11th, Natasha said

Could someone plz re-upload the pics. I can't get 2 Taty's website.

on Wednesday, November 11th, TaTyTu said

Waste Management, I've always liked that Title more than Happy Smiles xD

on Wednesday, November 11th, Brandon said

Let's hope something happens soon. And let's hope that something involves Waste Management being available on t.A.T.u.'s online shop. :P

on Tuesday, November 10th, liz said

lol @ jenn!

on Tuesday, November 10th, jenn said

More like a total WASTE MANAGEMENT, eh G? EH?

I crack myself up.

on Tuesday, November 10th, G said

p.s. Yulia looks SO f'kin incredible! WHY THE HELL would you mutilate that gorgeous face!??!?!?! ...what a total WASTE

on Tuesday, November 10th, G said

Right there with ya Liz. Seems we must wait a minimum of 3years between records. I personally am not interested in the english versions. If anything- I'd like russian versions of You&I, RunningBlind & FlyOnTheWall (and yes, english is my first language). I am not interested in the solo projects either. So i have to agree.. 2024 seems likely for the next legit record.. One last ditch effort to retire on I'll assume.

on Tuesday, November 10th, Dan Zam said

Liz, no need for apology. We've fucking waited forEVER and the loyal fans deserve something.

on Tuesday, November 10th, liz said

ps. they better sell WM on their website!

on Tuesday, November 10th, liz said

about f*cking time.

...but i'm still predicting a 2024 release date for WM. If, by some divine power, the album comes out this year, I will personally apologize everybody here!

on Tuesday, November 10th, Robbert said

Amanda, if you've watched "The Making Of White Robe" you've seen all these pictures. lol. but at least it is something new to look at.. I can't wait for the album. i wish it'd just come out now

on Tuesday, November 10th, Faiza said

darn i miss the old yulia lol. i think in one of the pictures I got a flashback of her when she was 14.

on Tuesday, November 10th, Jesus Moreno said

Yes this is very good news

on Tuesday, November 10th, tatulover said

wow think u amanda for this news waste management coming soon and to see the video in mtv brazil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX1p-ZSsixc