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11/13/2009: "Coming soon - lena.allmylove.org"

Source: allmylove.org

Our fansite for Lena Katina (lena.allmylove.org) is coming soon. :-)

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on Monday, November 16th, taty.Adrian said

LMAO @ the chocolate rain comment about lena!!! xD

on Monday, November 16th, Marte said

It looks great! ;P I'm looking forward to it

on Sunday, November 15th, liz said

@ g: thanks! he's very suspicious to me.

and just out of curiousity, (in the voice of hank hill from "king of the hill") is parviz chinese of japanese? (if anyone watches that show, you'll know what episode i'm talking about)

ps. i apologize to anyone that i offended.

on Sunday, November 15th, G said

@Liz- lol, i just got the "Yoko Parvis" jibe! Nice 2 see that there are actually some intelligent people posting. Nice change from the mundane tripe i usually roll my eyes at ;)

on Sunday, November 15th, G said

@AMANDA- I will ONLY visit allmylove.org I am a TATU fan.. not supporting their separation in any shape or form.
@FABIAN- No, we will have the same information: duplicated, or specfically allocated.. nothing allmylove.org couldn't achieve as a lone site.

on Sunday, November 15th, liz said

1. yes i'll still go on allmylove.org

2. i'm can't wait for lena's fan site. i know it will be awesome just like this site.

3. if fate happens, then i will visit yulia's fan site, as long as yoko parviz isn't on my computer screen.

on Sunday, November 15th, Jesus Moreno said

lol sorry for so many posts but that idea might also help with people who are new fans of t.A.T.u. and might not know much history about them well like I said that's just suggestion and I'm sure whatever u come up with will still kick butt.

on Sunday, November 15th, Jesus Moreno said

@Amanda well I'll still visit this site but since there really won't be much new t.A.T.u. news u could maybe do like flashback posts with like pictures and video clips for example "On this day t.A.T.u. did this and this blah blah" and maybe have a pic or a video to go along with it. lol idk just a suggestion

on Sunday, November 15th, Ryan said

Looking forward to it!
I will still visit the main site most likely btw :)

on Sunday, November 15th, Kevin said

yeah! I'll continue visiting AML, AML is epic, nothing can superate it

on Sunday, November 15th, Faiza said

mmm that's good :)

on Sunday, November 15th, Robbert said

Amanda, i think you should do like a text message notification thing for allmylove.org. that would be awesome. so then everyone sho subscribes would know when there was new NEWS on here :-]
and Amanda, why can't i use the tag board? it says -Name is Protected-

on Sunday, November 15th, TaTyTu said

Amanda keep going on, as long as t.A.T.u still breathing I will support u until the end of time.

on Sunday, November 15th, Jesus Moreno said

@Amanda I think you should put a donate option on this site IDK but hosting videos seems to be expensive I'm sure some people would be willing to donate.

on Sunday, November 15th, Brandon said

I'll be sure to keep visiting this place after you open the sub-domains, Amanda. :)

on Sunday, November 15th, Amanda said


I have decided to permanently host my upcoming fansites for Yulia and Lenaís solo projects on allmylove.org, as yulia.allmylove.org and lena.allmylove.org.

I will continue to update the news, photo gallery, and media section on allmylove.org as possible. And I do have further plans, including a video archive of 2000-2009.

The question is, will everyone continue to visit allmylove.org after we open our sub-domains?

I donít know.

But if you have any suggestions for allmylove.org, please let us know.

on Sunday, November 15th, Faiza said

hmm I guess it'll be good, but I'm just afraid if t.A.T.u. takes a really long time to start working again, then this site won't be used a lot anymore...for a while, and it's got such a good reputation. but cool I hope everything goes well and Lena will love it and I will too of course :) good luck with the new site.

on Saturday, November 14th, jenn said

Awe-soooooooome! Thanks, Amanda! <3

I can't wait to hear some demos or something from her. Lena's voice is so pretty. Hell, she could do a cover of Chocolate Rain and I would find it beautiful!

on Saturday, November 14th, Kayla C. said

Yay!! It looks awesome! Can't wait =)!

on Saturday, November 14th, Fabian said

Yay! Now we'll probably get twice the news! :D Thanks so much, Amanda! :-)

on Saturday, November 14th, Aryle said

It's gonna look so amazing! You do really awesome work Amanda! And thank you, I can't wait!

on Saturday, November 14th, Chris said

that's amazing:)

on Saturday, November 14th, Jana said

Nice :)

on Saturday, November 14th, Brandon said

Very nice! If it's anywhere near as good as this place, I'm sure it'll pwn all. :)

on Saturday, November 14th, Jesus Moreno said

WOW!!!! Looks awesome guys if you need any help at all don't hesitate to ask can't wait for the site!!!! :)

on Friday, November 13th, Amanda said

Lindsay_Luvz_tatu:), of course, but there isnít enough information about Yuliaís solo project right now.

on Friday, November 13th, Lindsay_Luvs_tatu:) said

awesome! i cant wait. i wish yulia had a website. maybe do u think u can make one for yulia too

on Friday, November 13th, Mike said

epic! <3

on Friday, November 13th, RemiRem said

I love it ;))

on Friday, November 13th, Lauren said

It's amazing. <3
You guys will love it!