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11/17/2009: "Christmas sale on shop.taty.ru"

Source: Tatu.ru

17 November – 17 January it’s Christmas SALE at t.A.T.u. official store!

We’re giving discounts and nice presents to orders with a number of items, so please read carefully descriptions of goods.

We’ll include little gifts to the first 20 lucky orders. And after the en of the sale we’ll randomly choose five customers and present them with five collectibles - rare t.A.T.u. releases.

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Replies: 17 Comments

on Thursday, November 19th, jenn said


on Thursday, November 19th, Brandon said

If only this were on the tagboard, i would have a follow-up... >_>

on Wednesday, November 18th, jenn said


a dizzy twister dance
can't find my drink or man
where are my keys i lost my phone!

on Wednesday, November 18th, G said

...WTF?!?!! (puke)

on Wednesday, November 18th, Just Dance said


oh, oh, eh

I got a little bit to much, to much
and all the people start to rush (started to rush my)

on Wednesday, November 18th, Jesus Moreno said

hmmmm it seems some people have had good experiences and others bad....well I guess I'll try it and see how it goes for me :)

on Tuesday, November 17th, Francisco said

I as well had a good experience with the site. Hopefully Santa will order from tatu.ru for me >.<

on Tuesday, November 17th, liz said

sorry tatu, i have bills to pay.

on Tuesday, November 17th, jenn said

fa la la la la la la la la HEY!

on Tuesday, November 17th, Amanda said

Well, I have had positive experiences with shop.taty.ru. For the 10 year anniversary special, I ordered a signed “Vesyolye Ulybki” poster, which included an additional signed “Lyudi Invalidy” poster with a special message: “good site :-)”.

on Tuesday, November 17th, Jesus Moreno said

:( well that sucks I was looking forward to ordering some stuff but apparently its not such a great idea.

on Tuesday, November 17th, G said

Yeh- unless u r in Russia, the store isn't overly appealing. I ordered a couple of CDs last Xmas. After I finally received them- I figured it would've been a lot quicker to simply buy from eBay. Funding the girls directly is nice- but it needs to be simple. Also- Ive noticed that certain items are NOT allowed in orders with other items (very deterring) and that all the T-shirts are on sale EXCEPT for I DROVE WITH KATINA. I didn't necessarily want that one- but WTF!?!? So much for Happy Smiles. p.s. I swear one day I will post a positive comment ;)

on Tuesday, November 17th, Robbert said

yeah they needn't worry 9wow old english lol) about an Xmas sell. they need to worry about the release of Waste Management. But i guess we will never get it anyways...

on Tuesday, November 17th, Tofling said

i agree with you Elise, i tried buying off the official store, waste of my time and money and never got what i ordered :/

on Tuesday, November 17th, Fabian said

That's great and all, but the merchandise is just like "Waste Management" and "You & I". It's 'Coming soon' and I don't think I'm gonna order cause I don't want to wait years just for a shirt. :/

on Tuesday, November 17th, Elise said

Last time I tried to buy from the shop there were huge problems and I almost had to pay A LOT of money. I don't think I'll risk it again

on Tuesday, November 17th, Jesus Moreno said

Lol after buying presents for everyone else....its Time for me to by myself a Christmas present XD