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11/18/2009: "“Waste Management” release date"

Source: Tatu.ru

15 December t.A.T.u. will release their album “Waste Management” in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Press-release (700KB)

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on Saturday, November 28th, Candace said

Everybody in the U.S. who is mad about WM not getting released here, remember, they will be lots of people on Ebay, Amazon, etc. who will e seling the album.

on Monday, November 23rd, eliseo said


on Monday, November 23rd, eliseo said

i really wanna but this.

on Saturday, November 21st, Sofia said

Wow, awesome! I'm looking forward to somehow getting my hands on it c:

on Friday, November 20th, liz said

i'm going to have an eric cartman season 1 moment right now:


i needed to get off my chest. i still love you guys!

on Friday, November 20th, Amanda said

G & Faiza, please quit arguing on our comments. We will tolerate criticism of t.A.T.u. and/or our website, but we will not tolerate arguments. Thank you for your understanding. :-)

on Friday, November 20th, Faiza said

@G if u were intelligent you would know that if u don't have something nice to say, don't say it. it is hurtful, even if everyone draws the same conclusion... it doesn't mean u have to say it.

on Friday, November 20th, circe said


on Friday, November 20th, jenn said

Pirate or sample (lol pirates), I was just reminiscing on the times when you had to wait for an upcoming album and finally get the chance to listen to it once it was in your hands. Ironically, I'm listening to Annie's new album online right now. <3

on Friday, November 20th, cynthia said

that deserves a cheer ! YAY :)xD

on Friday, November 20th, Maria said

Am I in heaven ?

on Friday, November 20th, Ronaldinho said

Easy there catherine,u don't want 2 get a heart attack lol

on Friday, November 20th, tatyforever said

it's nice to hear about the realease in south america but what about european fans?? i live in spain and i wanna get the album too!!when it will be released in europe??

on Friday, November 20th, Jesus Moreno said

Oh and @Amanda not only do we have some of the wittiest commenters we have an awesome webmaster as well ;)

on Friday, November 20th, Jesus Moreno said

@jenn I agree with you but piracy is a double edged sword sure you'll have the people who pirate and NEVER buy anything but then you also have people who sample the music and then decide to spend money on it.

Their was a recent article about this:


To be completely honest that's how I have come across many artists.

on Thursday, November 19th, G said

@Faiza - no: i am an intelligent person, who thinks for himself, speaks his mind- and has strong social and moral values. I dont need to label you- anyone reading your posts probably draws the same conclusions ;)

on Thursday, November 19th, Sam said


on Thursday, November 19th, jenn said

Good point, Robbert. Remember waaay back when a favorite artist could announce their upcoming album without the risks of leaks and illegal downloads? It wasn't that long ago, but the internet sure moves fast.

on Thursday, November 19th, Robbert said

do we not realize that the only lyrics in english off this album we havent heard are Time of the Moon (full version) Sparks, and Waste Management (if it even has lyrics)? i just realized this so i thought id let everyone know we only have three songs that will be truly new lyrics.

on Thursday, November 19th, Faiza said

@G You are really rude...

@everyone lmaooooooo wow you guys are hilarious xD
and if ya'll want lena's boobs I'm gonna have yulia's ^_^

on Thursday, November 19th, Amanda said

Jesus Moreno, I agree with you. We have some of the most witty commenters on our website. :-)

on Thursday, November 19th, Mia said

Finally. I've been waiting for about 2 years.

on Thursday, November 19th, Jesus Moreno said

lol I love this site these comment threads are so funny

on Thursday, November 19th, e.L.I.s.eo said

yaayyy! absolutely fantastic news!! *gives everyone a huggg* i love t.A.T.u. forever.


on Thursday, November 19th, Jo said


on Thursday, November 19th, jenn said


I literally lol'd at that.

on Thursday, November 19th, catherine said

I THINK I JUST DIED AND AM GIVING GOD A FOOT RUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant FREAKIN BELIEVE ITS FINALLY HERE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ are we gonna get to see it in the US?!?!?!?!??! WHATEVER IM PRE_ORDERING THIS FUCKER THERE HAS TO BE A WAY EVEN IF I HAVE TO GET IT FROM RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

on Thursday, November 19th, Benny said

Its so sad that they wont release Waste Management here in Germany =(

I´m looking forward to hear the english Version of "220"!

on Thursday, November 19th, TaTyTu said

It's more like a dream come true 2 me, becouse I liked the CD covers and the title more than Happy Smiles, I event thought that W.M was replaced by H.S. W.M it is more tATuish as someone said lol

on Thursday, November 19th, Brandon said

I would comment on the album, but I'm too distracted by Lena in that pic. Maybe I'll leave a real comment when I can stop drooling. <3


on Wednesday, November 18th, Mike said

About fucking time lmao

on Wednesday, November 18th, autumnmycat said

I almost cried when I saw this. FINALLY!

on Wednesday, November 18th, Me said

I really just wanna hear Sparks. xP N I hate that cover, they look fat with those coats on. Ewwer but YAY for releasing the album at least to some degree.

on Wednesday, November 18th, Lollipop said

sorry Fabian, i ment S.A Southren America* the countries witch the album wil be release on.

on Wednesday, November 18th, Fabian said

@ Lollipop
What do you mean 'released in N.A? North America? Cause if I remember the U.S. IS North America. xD
@ G
Thanks! She totally does for wearing that. :b

on Wednesday, November 18th, Luna said

It's great to hear they decided to release the album now, just in time for Christmas!

on Wednesday, November 18th, jenn said


on Wednesday, November 18th, Lollipop said

excuse me, why should this album release in N.A specifically, why not U.S this time ? no offence but i really would like to know.

on Wednesday, November 18th, G said

As i've said in the past- the latest batch of translations are totally underwhelming. Especially compared back to previous translated records. Happy Smiles sounds a million times better in Russian- hands down. Russian versions of RunningBlind, You&I, FlyOnTheWall would've been much better additions to their line up. Ah well- guess I'll wait to collect my pension to buy the next tatu installment...
@Fabian - I agree, it the fur coat she wore is genuine animal slaughter- she deserves a smack in the face.
@Jenn & Liz - u girls are classic ;) always gimme a laugh
@Faiza - ur dad is a f'ken idiot.
@ Robbert - the "new tatu style" ... HARDLY

on Wednesday, November 18th, Robbert said

OMG it sucks M.G. wont be in english! but ohh well. it probably wouldnt have sounded good, but its said the booklet will contain the english translation. so thats a plus i guess. i cant wait to hear it. i like how pinkfloyd did their album and now taty is doing the same. woooooo!!!!! amanda im sooooo happy. i wonder if it'll leak. and i wonder if they'll do more internet shows like they did for happy smiles. god nothing nor any word can describe how happy i am. only one word comes close, aosherfjowahermnsakldjfhaskjerntjk.ashnddrktjnas;jkrt.jsbnvuio;anrtn!!!1 thats how close i am lol. im gonna buy it from chile. i wont download it off the internet though. i want to experience the new tatu style.

on Wednesday, November 18th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

jenn u freak!! xD ROFLOLMAO @ "it gives me little orgasms just typing it"

on Wednesday, November 18th, Juan Pablo said

OMG!!!! i'm so fucking happy right now!!!! *O* Waste Management at last! wow i think this is one of the few times that i say "thanks god that i live in Argentina!" haha :P it'll b sure my birthday present ^.^

on Wednesday, November 18th, Whitney said

well, since it's still not quite certain that it'll be released in the U.S...I'm hoping that it'll eventually go out on itunes or amazon...otherwise I'm going to be listening to the songs on youtube forever lol

on Wednesday, November 18th, Jesus Moreno said

@Liz your number 4 request lol....hmmm well I'll agree with u but probably for different reasons :)

on Wednesday, November 18th, liz said

1. about f*cking time

2. they better sell the album on their site and/or itunes!

3. if they don't, then i'm doing e-bay!

4. i want lena's boobs!

on Wednesday, November 18th, phoenix said

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god .... i can't wait..!!!

on Wednesday, November 18th, Faiza said


on Wednesday, November 18th, Faiza said

I'm wondering... are they gonna change the cover? I don't think my dad would be too happy if he found this cd lying around :$ cuz they are in bikinis...

on Wednesday, November 18th, tofling said

i hope it goes on UK Itunes :/

on Wednesday, November 18th, Philip said

finally after 3 years...:D

on Wednesday, November 18th, jenn said

Hell yeah check out those boobies on Lena!

Seriously though, I love the title Waste Management. It's very tATuish. Also, I LOVE the WM abbreviation. It gives me little orgasms just typing it. WM. WM. WM.

on Wednesday, November 18th, Kayla C. said

oh my god, oh my god!!! This is so exciting!! I can't wait to buy it!

on Wednesday, November 18th, Fabian said

One more thing. I'm kind of mad at Yulia for wearing a fur coat in the 'Press-Release' ;-(

on Wednesday, November 18th, Fabian said

FINALLY! :D This made my WHOLE day! :-)

on Wednesday, November 18th, Paris Harvard said

You reckon it'll go on iTunes? If not, it's gonna end up on youtube or filesharing anyway and Imma gonna have to do it till I get a copy or it's on iTunes!

on Wednesday, November 18th, Ryan said

OMG THANK YOU !!! iv had the worst day of my life today and now :D the best news of all :D

on Wednesday, November 18th, Vanille said

THAT'S the good news!! (needed too^^) and i DO think it will be available on the tatu.ru store, jsut like all their other products

on Wednesday, November 18th, Jesus Moreno said

oh Yeah just what I needed some good news :)

on Wednesday, November 18th, daniel said

yay =D will this be available on the tatu.ru store?