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11/20/2009: "Fan meeting with Lena Katina (11.16.09)"

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Lena Katina met with t.A.T.u. fans on November 16th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

We were so nervous. Lena and Olga arrived right on time and she was looking beautiful and tall on her high heels. Sven arrived only minutes later and then we sat down at the table ordering drinks and later the food, which was great by the way. We talked about a lot of things and had lots of fun. They asked about Odette and I moving in together, about our previous meetings.
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on Sunday, November 22nd, circe said


on Sunday, November 22nd, Faiza said

wow haha luckyyy girlss I want hugs and kisses from lena D:

on Saturday, November 21st, Brandon said

Now that's the present of a lifetime! :P

on Saturday, November 21st, cynthia said

they must have got the best birthday ever :P lena looks so cute :)

on Saturday, November 21st, Jesus Moreno said

Dude that is so incredibly awesome!!!! Lena is incredible I think that goes without saying :)

on Friday, November 20th, Sam said

wowww, so jealouss! Wish id get a birthday like that! :P :)

on Friday, November 20th, Fabian said

Lucky mofo's! XD