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11/22/2009: "“Waste Management” preview on Amazon.com"

Source: Amazon.com

t.A.T.u.’s upcoming album “Waste Management” is available for preview on Amazon.com, including new songs “Sparks”, “Little People”, “Time Of The Moon” and “Don’t Regret”. Click here to listen on Amazon.com.

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on Monday, November 30th, phoenix said

umm.. anyhow..lets just hope that the album will be released on 15 DEC of 2009

not 2011 or 2020..x_x

on Monday, November 30th, Cloudia said

220 sample lyrics

... endless flow
Running down my electric wire
Sunshine and Midnight Glow
lightning Discharge an Eternal Fire
Sparks are flying in my head . . .
Fading Softly, Playing Dead . . .

on Sunday, November 29th, eliseo said

maaaann i sounds sooo good, i want this already.
Sparks are flying in my head!
Fading softly, playing dead!"

on Thursday, November 26th, Ghosty said

I agree with Dan.

on Thursday, November 26th, Dan said

Why is "Waste Management" only a instrumental track?It´s such a shame.The song has a fucking awesome beat and melody =(

on Wednesday, November 25th, Sofia said

Aryle, you're not the only one who's disappointed. After all this, I was really sort of expecting more. Yes, the release of English versions of songs we've been listening to for what, a year now almost? More, for those who know the demos. It's great, but... I mean, I don't know what it's like to be a major artist, I don't know what the Russian music production scene is like and all that, so maybe I'm being too nit-picky. Dunno.

on Wednesday, November 25th, Aryle said

Not that I want to come off as un-excited or pessimistic, because trust me, I'll be downloading the album the SECOND it's out on release.
But...I'm kinda disappointed in the album :( and then I feel bad admitting I’m disappointed....

on Wednesday, November 25th, G said

@cloudia - yeh- but there are less and less "internal parties" to blame with every new record. its a consistent pattern.

on Wednesday, November 25th, cloudia said

it had nothing to do with them finishing the album, they had some internal matters, the album was completely ready for release on january 2009 with cover and everything, but something or someone kept them from releasing it !

on Wednesday, November 25th, phoenix said

well guys... am so happy ,, but , don't you think tatu spend a long time to make this 10 songs??

it does not make any sence..!!!x_x

on Wednesday, November 25th, Sofia said

Well this is pretty awesome. I'm gonna buy this. I love Don't Regret! Can't wait to hear this. Sparks is one of those songs I will put on repeat... I can tell already!

on Wednesday, November 25th, tatulover said

sparks are flying in my head wow best song ilike this song in english

on Wednesday, November 25th, Malow said

I want it so much !
Wanna pre-order now !
Sparks seems to be SO GREAT <3

on Wednesday, November 25th, coco said

I really don´t know is it about the pronounciation or what...but there´s always something very karaoke-like in the English vocals. I don´t like them. O_o

on Tuesday, November 24th, G said

Also: If the latest record(s) are going to have different names- I find it very strange that the english installment be called "Waste Management". The russian songs are an auditory dream compared to the english. The original version should've been Managing the Waste of the english :P

on Tuesday, November 24th, G said

Was nothing new for me... would like the new remixes to show up online soon tho... ;)

on Tuesday, November 24th, EmilyJ said

Don't Regret sounds absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Could be their most beautiful and heartfelt ballad yet. Sparks also sounds great. I enjoyed the preview for Little People as well.

on Tuesday, November 24th, jenn said

At first I was really excited to hear Don't Regret (and I still am), but wow! I hate to jump on the bandwagon but Sparks sounds really cool! But to be honest, half of these don't impress me that much. Not like I could make something better, but some of the songs sound kind of dull to me. Then again, these are just previews soooooooooo

on Tuesday, November 24th, M!KE said

The "echoes" isn't changed, it's just that with different instrumentation it stands out better. <3

on Monday, November 23rd, Ghost said

Yeah, what Jesus Moreno said. :)

on Monday, November 23rd, Jesus Moreno said

I love it and I'm so excited and its so awesome to see so many people excited too lol it kinda makes you more excited!!!!!!

on Monday, November 23rd, Faiza said

I love them all :D I'm so excited for the album!

on Monday, November 23rd, Mia said

Amazing!!! I can't wait!

on Monday, November 23rd, Faiza said


on Monday, November 23rd, Emily said

Ever since Happy Smiles originally came out, I was really excited about the English version of 220. And my hopes haven't been dashed! The sample of Sparks souns AMAZING! :D

on Monday, November 23rd, Robbert said

am i the only one who noticed the correction of the K sound in echos? lol. listen to the remix Running Blind and listen closely. you can tell where they added it in

on Monday, November 23rd, Whitney said

Oh, and I'm really liking the remixes too!!! especially the Running Blind remix!! =D

on Monday, November 23rd, Whitney said

I really enjoyed that little bit of Sparks. I didn't really think an english version of 220 was going to be all that great but I was really impressed. and Don't Regret always brings me to tears whether it's in Russian or English, it's such a good song!!!!!

on Monday, November 23rd, Kayla C. said

oh my gosh it sounded AMAZING!!!! I really loved sparks!!! ♥

on Monday, November 23rd, Ghosty said

I listened to the "Sparks" Sample, and this is what I got.

"Get endless flow,
Running down my electric wire,
Sunshine and midnight glow,
lightning, discharge, and eternal fire.
Sparks are flying in my head!
Fading softly, playing dead!"

on Monday, November 23rd, Jo said

I've been looking forward to Little People since last year. This is so, so amazing. <3


on Monday, November 23rd, Cloudia said

Hey ADMIN, is the photoshoot of the waste menagement (the rest of the cover) pics available yet ?

on Monday, November 23rd, Robbbert said

Im super glad to hear they fixed the "echoes" part in running blind. it excites me. lol. Sparks sounds amazing. Little People even better but Time of the Moon, idk.. its like they didnt articulate good enough. but maybe its just the quality of the samples. cant wait for lyrics! "hint hint" Amanda. lol. you are probably the only one who can decipher these bad boys.

on Monday, November 23rd, M!KE said

The remix of 'Don't Regret' sounds sick... I can't wait!!!

on Monday, November 23rd, Rachel said


The so far crappy musical year of 2009 has just been redeemed by t.A.T.u.

I am going to pre-order this!!!

on Monday, November 23rd, Cloudia said

you should come up with a "waste management"ish theme for the site

on Monday, November 23rd, Cloudia said

Damn . . . these song are really good, Ive been waiting for Sparks like 4 years from now, since the first time i heard the 220 demo i wanted to hear sparks !

on Monday, November 23rd, Tofling said

omg im gunna die from excitement!!

on Monday, November 23rd, Brandon said

Wow, the English songs seem pretty cool. I'm glad that people were wrong about that 2024 thing! :P

on Monday, November 23rd, Rebekah said

one word... AMAZING!

on Monday, November 23rd, RemiRem said

"Sparks" dose sound like it is really good. Also, I will enjoy "Time Of The Moon" very much as well :)))

on Sunday, November 22nd, Jesus Moreno said

OMG so this is pretty amazing I think we can all agree now that the wait is gonna feel like a lifetime!!!!!

on Sunday, November 22nd, liz said

i found 2 versions of the album: original version and a transcendent version. i think the transcendent version is the pink floyd-ish. i don't know.

on Sunday, November 22nd, Ghosty said

I think the remix to running blind is better than the original xD

on Sunday, November 22nd, liz said

i hella like the remix to running blind.

on Sunday, November 22nd, liz said

do you think the amazon version will come with a digital booklet? i would like to see the pictures!

on Sunday, November 22nd, Amanda said

Guys, you can download the files here:

on Sunday, November 22nd, Fabian said

I cannot tell you how FUCKING happy I am!! I have goosebumps listening to the demos! :DDD

on Sunday, November 22nd, Ghosty said

Am I the only one shaking with excitement? I'm actually really shaking haha!

on Sunday, November 22nd, Amanda said

Circe, that’s okay. You were excited about the preview, as are everyone else. :-)

on Sunday, November 22nd, circe said

sorry about all the comments

on Sunday, November 22nd, Ghosty said

So excited. *-*