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11/26/2009: "Lena.allmylove.org has been opened!"

Source: allmylove.org

We opened our fansite for Lena Katina on November 26th, 2009.

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on Friday, November 27th, Lindsay_Luvs_tatu:) said

i luv tis site
i checked it out yesterday n loved it
can u make ne for yulia perhaps

on Friday, November 27th, Brandon said

Great job, Amanda. :) If I made a site, it wouldn't even have a fraction of the quality that yours have. You have not just one, but two great websites now! :O

on Thursday, November 26th, jenn said

Amanda, you amaze me. I could NEVER have the patience to create such fine sites, not to mention keep up with them and the people visiting the sites everyday. And I forget, are you 15 now? DAMN GRRRRRRRL! You good! <333333

on Thursday, November 26th, liz said

(doing the wayne's world bow) i'm not worthy! i'm not worthy!

2 thumbs up for panda and her creative sites!

on Thursday, November 26th, Faiza said

I love it :D

on Thursday, November 26th, Ghosty said

Wow, amazing. Great job Amanda!

on Thursday, November 26th, Aryle said

A-FREAKIN-MAZING! I don't know how you do it Amanda, but all the work you do is STUNNING

on Thursday, November 26th, cynthia said

yayyyy ! gr8 fansite

on Thursday, November 26th, Leno Nano said

WOW Amanda Congrat the fucking lations !!
It's look's AMAZING !!!!!!

on Thursday, November 26th, Jesus Moreno said

:) looks amazing just went over there to check it out and trust me guys you won't be dissapointed good job Amanda