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12/01/2009: "Video: “White Robe” on official YouTube page"

Source: Tatu.ru, YouTube.com

White Robe music video is available for watching in HQ on the official YouTube page since today.

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on Thursday, December 3rd, Dan Zam said

Yeesh, it's officially turned into a guilty pleasure.

on Wednesday, December 2nd, Faiza said

YES yulia's sooo adorable when she sings it :D I always thought the same since i first heard this last year xD

on Wednesday, December 2nd, Cloudia said

are you going to post the HQ here ?! anytime soon !?

on Tuesday, December 1st, Jesus Moreno said

Ha yep got it on my favorites already! Hey is it just me or does anybody else think the way Yulia sings "Flying bullets hit the targets" is adorable?

on Tuesday, December 1st, tatulover said

i but the video in my channel rating favorite and playlist

on Tuesday, December 1st, ptatu said

very good