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12/01/2009: "Vote for “White Robe” on MTV Brazil"

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REMINDER: Please vote for t.A.T.u.’s new music video “White Robe” on MTV Brazil. Voting instructions: Click here, scroll down, select the option “TATU - White Robe” and click the button “Votar”.

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on Thursday, December 3rd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

lol yes i do love this website for those reasons! we always debate about things! but umm now that someone mention marsian eyes [spelling?] i don't really like it it too "tropicie" know what i mean?? and my excitement for sparks , running blind [transformer remix] and little people are growing!!!!!!

on Wednesday, December 2nd, Amanda said

Jesus, indeed. We always have interesting discussions on our comments and tagboard. That is because we allow criticism of t.A.T.u., Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova on our website. We think that real fans can accept criticism.

on Wednesday, December 2nd, RemiRem said

Yes, good debating that doesn't get out of control :) Having enemy's is sooooo out~~

on Wednesday, December 2nd, Jesus Moreno said

hmmmm very interesting discussion on this thread lol I love this site I mean where else can u have these types of conversations about t.A.T.u. :) just pointing this out.

on Wednesday, December 2nd, jenn said

Awwww G, I know you mean't no harm. But I must say - I think Marsianskiye Glaza is a beautiful song. I love it to bits <3

on Wednesday, December 2nd, Faiza said

.... no comment....
Beliy plaschik is the best song of the album to me personally...

on Wednesday, December 2nd, G said

Lol- im not posting on this subject anymore. "Completely terrible" was a hypothetical. All my comments make perfect sense if you READ them. <-- thats my last full stop :)

on Wednesday, December 2nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

lol •GASP• smoker! :P i thought you were young[in ur teens] how old are you RemiRem? and G, i don't think t.A.T.u.'s song have been "complete crap" i like most but the only song that ive got bored of was Running blind cus its a bit "stail" idk how to explain it and sorta You and i! and what do u mean by " would not listen in private?" i don't even have the right word for that one maybe some "WTF"s, "FUCKING IDIOT", "OMG"s and i don't hear t.A.T.u. music loud enough for the people i respect becuase i respect them its called being consiterate and respectful cus i HATE it when my siblings put their music up loud! it pisses everyone cus we have our "own musical taste" and it rude unless it in a party lol

on Wednesday, December 2nd, Robbert said

wont have an accent* haha i dont seem american but i am. just typos are my downfall

on Wednesday, December 2nd, Robbert said

@ Remi & G.
People, get along. lol. yes, anyone who's computer litterate can make a song. i am going to try to use some of their instrumentals (the real ones not fanmade) and post them on Youtube. I have autotune. and im american so i wont happy a accent of any kind. i plan on using White Robe, Time of the Moon when i get the lyrics, Sparks, Ne Zhaley and Dont Regret and i want you guys to see how easy it was for me to sound good and professional. G, just cause you good doesnt mean youll get a contract and be famous. there is a lot of work you have to do. every celebrity has done something in their career as a start. britney Spears did Mickey Mouse club etc. etc. lol. but anyways, when i post them i want everyones opinions. good or bad. i have a beautiful voice but sometimes it gets scratchy from me smoking. haha. so plan on me doing this you all. it'll be amazing!

on Wednesday, December 2nd, G said

I have a very formidable music composition knowledge myself- and I do stand by my comments. I totally do not agree that videos create the phenomenon. For invalid sheep- with no real identities of their own (95% of people)- this may be so, but I was listening to Y.S.S/ A.T.T.S.S on continuous repeat LONG b4 I saw the video. Same applies for BP. The visual aspect of tatu is just the icing on the cake  As for comparing the old songs to the new: consider this- tatu release a record full of completely terrible songs that you would never listen to in private, let alone around others you respect. Would be pretty disappointing yeh? I get really sad when an artist creates a revolutionary sound that is completely their own- only to release a subsequent record that is in no way comparable. The specific music/sound is what initially attracts you to an artist (if you are a legit music fan)- and to completely lose that is very upsetting. Some people claim to “grow as artists”- but often lose a lot of fans in the process. So no, I’m not kidding you- I am totally valid ;)

on Wednesday, December 2nd, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

i was gonna post a comment saying how much i agree with G on RemiRem if i'm remember correctly? but kept on reading and HOLYYY SHIIITTT!! [sorry for the language] are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?? [again sorry] G, why the HELL are you comparing the new songs to the old ones??? its so stupid [lack of better word] to compare present day t.A.T.u. to their older songs! EVERYYY singer/band evolve in their style of music!! i hate how people keep lurking in the past! its "unproductive" t.A.T.u. would be boring as HELL if all their music was the same! i get bored if they kept their music based on their old lesbian image! i love most of their song fly on the wall, chelovechki, vremy luni and white robe are some of my favorites!

on Wednesday, December 2nd, RemiRem said

And no. It doesn't work that easily. You don't just get thrown a label. Galoyan
worked his ass off for years getting to where he is today. Now, he's famous, and can make all the crap songs he wants. :)

on Wednesday, December 2nd, RemiRem said

@G- The only thing that made Beliy Plashik even a "hit", was because of the video. What would All The Things She Said have been, if the video didn't have two 14 year olds kissing in the rain? Me, having knowledge in music production and Galoyan,,, I know what programs where used, along with how the song was put together in general, and I know that there was "0 effort" put into that song. Its a shame too.

on Wednesday, December 2nd, tatulover said

just voting white robe is the best tatu song in the album but Beliy Plaschik its not good for me becuse i cant understand any thing

on Tuesday, December 1st, G said

lets review the latest record:
1. Intro: not a proper track 2. Beliy Plaschik: closest track to past style * 3. You&I: pretty lame- but decent remixes 4. Snegopady: simply annoying noise- amazing remixes 5. 220- more annoying noise- but decent remixes 6. Martian Glaza: lame 7. Chelovechki: lame 8. Vesjolye Ulybki: not a proper track 9. Running Blind: also closest track to past style 10. Fly on the Wall: juvenile and lame 11. Vremya Luny: awesome 12. Ne Zhaley: beautiful ... in retrospect- beliy plaschik: not such a bad track after all ;)

on Tuesday, December 1st, jenn said

Hmmm, that was kind of vague. What I mean is, BP is not one of my favorite t.A.T.u. songs, but I can still listen to it.

on Tuesday, December 1st, jenn said

I always found BP to be a bit boring. However, that doesn't mean I don't listen to it all the time!

on Tuesday, December 1st, G said

lol. sorry- i got a bit passionate there..

on Tuesday, December 1st, G said

@RemiRem- u could not be more wrong about that track. I refuse to acknowledge any of the english covers- but Beliy Plaschik was easily the best original track from the latest record. Certainly the one most true to their previous hits. Personally I use a remix of BP- however it is simply a recreation of the original with all the same samples. I do not respect your musical taste, opinion or intelligence at all ;) ps. if you could recreate something like this in such a short time- u would be signed to a record company.

on Tuesday, December 1st, RemiRem said

~I <3 Amanda~

RemiRem was here----

on Tuesday, December 1st, Jesus Moreno said

Just got done voting lol well as opposed to the general consensus I actually love this song both the English and Russian versions :)

on Tuesday, December 1st, a.d.R.I.a.n. said


on Tuesday, December 1st, RemiRem said

Now, the video was great! Beautiful art!!! The song.... sucked.. badly. The lyrics~~~Make no sense. As a matter of FACT,,,, Mostly all the lyrics off WM are stupid. Whats up with t.A.T.u.'s obsession with the invalid????

Listen to the English preview of Little People.

on Tuesday, December 1st, RemiRem said

Yes, I voted. But to be quiet honest... White Robe is a god awful song. You can listen to the multi tracks of it on tatu.promodj.ru. It's very cheap samples thrown together. Such basic instruments and effects. I can say this... I could easily recreate that whole track in about 2 days...

on Tuesday, December 1st, Ghosty said

Voted. :)

on Tuesday, December 1st, tatulover said

please guys vote vote to put our girls in #1 i vote every time its our chance

on Tuesday, December 1st, Amanda said

Circe, no, I did not participate in the shop.taty.ru auction. I already own a copy of TRUTH DVD. I pre-ordered it on Amazon.co.jp in September 2007. I had it personally signed by Lena Katina in August 2009. I also had a spare, non-signed copy which I sent to Sergey (nfne) as a gift. However, I wish everyone good luck in the auction! ;-)

on Tuesday, December 1st, circe said

did u participate in the auction?