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12/03/2009: "Sven Martin on “Running Blind” remix"

Source: MySpace.com

I know myspace doesn’t seem much frequented these days, but I thought I let everyone know that the upcoming t.A.T.u. record “Waste Management” will contain a new remix version for the song “Running Blind” that I did together with Julian Schramm who also co-wrote the song with me.

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Replies: 9 Comments

on Friday, December 4th, Cloudia said

any one has that whole minute preview.

on Thursday, December 3rd, jenn said

Veronica, I was gonna say the very same thing! <3 it to bits. (Why do I keep on saying that?)

on Thursday, December 3rd, Veronica said

I love Sven Martin!
His remix for "Show Me Love" is amazing!!!
So I know that this one will be amazing!!!

on Thursday, December 3rd, Sam said

it sounds awesomeee! :D:D

on Thursday, December 3rd, catherine said

AHHH CURSE THESE UNIVERSITY WIRELESS THAT BLOCKS MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFFF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other than that i think i might explode if i dont get that cd REAL soon, there has to be somewhere to preoreder it!!!

on Thursday, December 3rd, Jesus Moreno said

I can't wait for this remix running blind is one of my favorite songs from the album 12 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

on Thursday, December 3rd, jenn said

lmao Robbert.

I don't think I've ever been this excited for a remix before!

on Thursday, December 3rd, Robbert said

I Cant Preview It!!!! Amanda please post it!

on Thursday, December 3rd, Paris Harvard said

If you go to his myspace page there's like a whole minute preview of the song. It sounds AMAZING!