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12/04/2009: "New Insider blog"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

My primary intention is to shed some light on the Waste Management release matter. It will be released in Russia. The distributor is Misterya Zvuka. We’ll try to make CD inexpensive but you may forget about any slip-cases right now. Everything will be exactly the same way as in Latin-American edition, just credits will be written in Russian.

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Replies: 17 Comments

on Sunday, December 6th, G said

Haha- my fave part is not saying which year. their releases r so unreliable its laugh-worthy :P
@Liz- Lol! i luv u!

on Sunday, December 6th, Brandon said

Liz, I think part of the reason why the blogs don't make sense is because it's a rough translation, or his/her English is just rough. >_>

on Saturday, December 5th, Faiza said

Aighttttt 8-) good news, but is this the same insider that said tatu was over? cuz that was a lie tatu isn't over,

on Saturday, December 5th, liz said

@ jenn...insider pisses me off because he is a liar and the blogs dont make any sense.

on Saturday, December 5th, Jesus Moreno said

10 more days guys :)

on Saturday, December 5th, Sofia said

Well, okay. Hopefully it does come out as planned...

on Saturday, December 5th, Brandon said

Insider isn't dead after all! :D

on Saturday, December 5th, catherine said

i MUST get this cd somehow. if i dont then i WILL EXPLODE and i cant flippin wait for sparks vid, like i honestly cant im like twitching ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I HAD THE CD.....! sorry i cant help it i honestly might die right now ive never been so horny for any other cd

on Saturday, December 5th, jenn said

Just curious and because I want to hear an awesome conversation, why does insider piss you off, Liz?

on Friday, December 4th, liz said

insider pisses me off.

on Friday, December 4th, jenn said

Insider's got balls. I like him/her/whatever it is.

on Friday, December 4th, circe said

wonder if it will be on shop.taty.ru, itunes or ebay....

on Friday, December 4th, DoDo said

Witch video do u mean ?

on Friday, December 4th, Fabian said

"I don't like being virtually wished fucks"
XD That was the best part!
Finally! 'Sparks' news. :D

on Friday, December 4th, Jesus Moreno said


on Friday, December 4th, Robbert said

hahaa, you have to love Insider. hes so blunt. and i knew a Sparks video existed. Ive just been waiting for it to be confirmed. Cant wait to see how it differs from 220.

on Friday, December 4th, Paris Harvard said

I am so stoked for a Sparks video. I did not see that happening so hell yes to that!