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12/13/2009: "“Waste Management” information"

Source: Tatu.ru

t.A.T.u. management has no official or non-official information from Coqueiro Verde Records about release postponement in Latin America. We’ll let you know if we find out anything.

Meanwhile the Russian edition of Waste Management – hot out of the oven – is already at our stock and 15 December will be shipped off to the first customers of t.A.T.u. shop. The order starts December, 14.

We’ll post a separate piece of news about availability of WM in stores in Russia.

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on Monday, December 14th, circe said

just bought mine! ^_^

on Monday, December 14th, Amanda said

Everyone, the Russian edition is available for purchase on shop.taty.ru NOW. Please, buy a copy to support t.A.T.u.!

on Monday, December 14th, Cloudia said

actually it will be like madonnas "Confesions on the dance floor album" if you listen the album from the begining youll see a flow from one song to another, is not like a song ends with beats starting the next song. but you were able to listen to songs one by one seperately.
the answer is yes you can listen to songs one by one, but they start and end differently, and it will feel weird ! but i guess is going to be alright ! just different !

on Sunday, December 13th, Mason said

So if we buy the cd from the shop, will we still be able to skip to whichever song we choose or is it really just ONE track on the entire cd thats just really long? if thats the case then forget it

on Sunday, December 13th, circe said

do u know what time? It's the 14th in Moscow now.