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12/14/2009: "More “Waste Management” information"

Source: Tatu.ru

For the enjoyment of everybody, we’ve decided to upload new HQ pictures from the Waste Management shoot done specially for this release. They are here (18.3 Mb) (photography by Vladimir Byazrov) Back then we’ve meticulously prepared for this shoot. We even had a special pre-shoot (19.6 Mb), where t.A.T.u. shop manager Inga and band’s press-attaché Zhenya were the models (idea, set-design and photography by Boris Renski). We know that most of you appreciated the creativity of this shoot and we’re happy to share these photos in HQ with you. Enjoy!

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Replies: 11 Comments

on Sunday, December 20th, cynthia said

i am totally maxing out my download limit for these pics ! :D awesome :)

on Tuesday, December 15th, Brandon said

Damn, those are sexy! Dirty and sexy, just the way I like it!

on Monday, December 14th, John said

Grazie donna

on Monday, December 14th, Fabian said

OMG!!! These photo's are freaking sexy! :D

on Monday, December 14th, Amanda said

John, we have uploaded the HQ photos to our photo gallery for convenience:


on Monday, December 14th, John said

Can anyone tranform this file into multiple jpeg, png... files :)

on Monday, December 14th, Yuli said

I agree with Sarah. The preshoot was most definitely better.

on Monday, December 14th, jenn said

Damnnnnnn. My computer is being an asshole and won't open the files I saved. Oh well!

on Monday, December 14th, Sarah said

Also, if I have to be honest I think the pre-shoot was better, I like the black and white.

on Monday, December 14th, Sarah said

And this is why we love them so much!

on Monday, December 14th, circe said

does tatu have a twitter?