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12/14/2009: "“Waste Management” avatar competition"

Source: MySpace.com/tatu

Due to the upcoming release of t.A.T.u.’s album Waste Management we are happy to announce another Avatar Competition! Just set our Waste Management avatar as your profile picture, leave your comment below this blog post - and that’s it, you are in!
10 winners will be randomly chosen from those of you who did these two things.
All of these lucky ones will be added to our top MySpace friends for one month and one of them will get a copy of the Waste Management album!
This competition will last thru 10 January, 2010.
Good luck!

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on Saturday, December 19th, Oichibay! said

Why do they always block out Lena's body? They did it in several pictures, and now on an album cover. They always show Yulia's and not Lena's. It's not like she's fat cuz she's not.

on Saturday, December 19th, Cloudia said

I agree with Courtney, there were problems here and there, but the album cover does somehow signify wase management, in away that people in concentration camps were dressed. abt yulias english i agree, but is certainly not the money, i mean come on ! how much will a native "BRITISH" english speaker would cost. practically nothing. and just look on what they ride on each seperately, yulia her self has a BMV of the new series (im not good with cars thats why i dont know which). so if she wanted it to afford a basic english teacher she could have easily hire one. but the question is Why didnt she wanted to ?

on Friday, December 18th, Marte said

I think they sang great, especially Lena <3

on Friday, December 18th, Courtney said

I bought mine on iTunes. I bought both the track-by-track edition and the transcendent edition.

I love it, especially the transcendent version, have a few "bones" to pick about the album(s):

1. I know Yulia has more trouble with English than Lena, but you can tell they really haven't worked with Yulia on her English since D&M (or maybe even 200 KMH) because she still pronounces the same words wrong that she did before and I had hoped after all this time and work they would've at least brought in someone to help her more with correcting her pronunciation before recording. Maybe they didn't have the money to hire someone because of being independent, but they should have tried to bring in even a everyday American (because of the accent) or native English speaker to help her...

2. I don't like that album cover. It doesn't say "Waste Management" to me... It's says "cheap and trashy", honestly. They should've used the same location (or someplace similar) to the nuclear plant that they used in the D&M promo shoot. Or even wear those orange jumpsuits they wore in that TV appearance... Something to really signify "waste management".

3. They both needed (Yulia more than Lena though) a professional vocal coach to give them lessons because their voices sound less melodic than on "200 KMH". On "Little People" when Lena sings her part it sounds off and it's hard to listen to. Like she is trying to reach a note that she used to be able to reach in past albums (like "200 KMH) and can't anymore because she forgot how to use her voice in that way. They both needed extra training before recording, but didn't get it (or at least professional correct training).

That's all I found (as of now lol) I love the music and I am overjoyed they finally got it released, but I had problems with those 3 elements.

on Friday, December 18th, Aryle said

Love the idea of a competition :)There should be some amazingly creative stuff! But I gotta agree with M!KE I already have my copy and whether i got it legally or not is a mystery for you.

on Thursday, December 17th, circe said

I mean "when" is the RMA?

on Thursday, December 17th, circe said

what is the RMA????

on Tuesday, December 15th, Marte said

Yes, I did ^

on Monday, December 14th, John said


on Monday, December 14th, Jesus Moreno said

Wow so many good songs but right now the song I've been listening to the most is the Running Blind Remix OMG its beyond amazing!!!!!!

on Monday, December 14th, mark said

i have time of the moon and running blind remix :P if u want it ask me n i will send but u have to give me ur addys :)

on Monday, December 14th, mark said

i have little people, sparks, dont regret on mp3 and its awsome :D

on Monday, December 14th, M!KE said

I entered days ago... but I think it would have been more effective to have run from Nov-Dec... because by the time the contest is over, we'll all have the album (either legally or otherwise).

on Monday, December 14th, John said

I don't have a myspace :( oh well i bought it off the shop :)

on Monday, December 14th, jenn said


i <3 iTunes. :)

on Monday, December 14th, Jesus Moreno said

lol never mind I figured it out sorry about that hahaha

on Monday, December 14th, Jesus Moreno said

That is so awesome so wait is this how you enter???? I'm sorry for being kinda of stupid about it lol :)

on Monday, December 14th, circe said

already did ^_^