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12/23/2009: "Gallery Update: Sushi restaurant"

Source: Facebook.com

Lena Katina went out to dinner with the band and Troy MacCubbin’s parents in Los Angeles, California. Thanks to little_polar_bear (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Wednesday, December 23rd, jenn said

The more natural she looks, the more beautiful. I love that about Lena! I'm not saying that people only look attractive with make-up, but you know what I mean.

on Wednesday, December 23rd, Rachel said

I wish Lena would go out to dinner with me and my parents...

Or just me ^_^

She looks blonde in some of these pictures! But it's probably just the lighting.

on Wednesday, December 23rd, RemiRem said

Is Lena's hair blonde in this? Maybe it's just he light! She is so cute!

on Wednesday, December 23rd, Jesus Moreno said

hey would you look at that two of my favorite things sushi and Lena :)