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12/24/2009: "Gallery Update: Bed & Bath photoshoot [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded 5 more exclusive photos to our photo gallery.

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on Thursday, December 31st, jenn said

They are still adorable though! I remember making a tATu icon a long time ago for a friend, and I used the picture of them brushing their teeth. Good times!

on Thursday, December 31st, RemiRem said

oh Jenn, you should see the others!!!! I like the one where they are laying on their belly's!

on Saturday, December 26th, jenn said

Even though I've seen this photoshoot for ages now, I just realized how creepy it really is.

on Saturday, December 26th, Faiza said

Naked lil girls lool like 2 kids fooling around in the washroom not wanting to take their bath! go snatch em and make them take their bath! hehe adorable

on Thursday, December 24th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Yulia looked so cute at this age! she changed so, so much! now she older wiser and stuning! and Lena looks so cute and playful! ive always liked that look on her!