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12/30/2009: "Video: t.A.T.u. wish Happy New Year"

Source: Tatu.ru

Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina wish you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas! Watch holiday congratulations from t.A.T.u. on the official YouTube channel.

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on Saturday, January 16th, Amie said

How cute. I love those girls. Oh, and btw, for those that don't know - what they were playing was the WM Transcendent version intro to Sparks, hence the sparklers, maybe? xD

on Friday, January 1st, Faiza said

Always happy to see them together :) haha they are still together is what they said, but I knew that a long time ago lol Lena's scream was awesome xD I want to hear yulia speak more english! but still awesome video :)

on Thursday, December 31st, Juan Pablo said

I love this video!!! i can't stop watching it ^^ they're sooooo great, i LOVE them so much: Yulia <3 Lena <3 they're the BEST

on Thursday, December 31st, jenn said

I like the thingy in Yulia's hair. It looks fluffy.

on Thursday, December 31st, angelica said

yulia looks adorable, as does lena ^-^

on Wednesday, December 30th, G said

I luv that they record little greetings for us- the fans. It is the least they can do for all of our support and "patience". Lena looks stunning and the picture of natural health- Yulia looks like a kids show host who has been attacked by a plastic surgeon. Better breeze over your solo projects and get back to serious business ;)

on Wednesday, December 30th, Me said

Well 220 (and hence the beginning of Snego) was filmed in their offices, so yeah it is the same place.

on Wednesday, December 30th, jenn said

AWWWWWWW Yulia is so pretty! <3

on Wednesday, December 30th, Sofia said

Cute! Thank you, tatu~

on Wednesday, December 30th, cynthia said

i heart this video :)its gr8 news that they are together and making a new video :D lena is so funny in the beginning lol !

on Wednesday, December 30th, Mia said

OMG! LOVE IT! im so happy!

on Wednesday, December 30th, tatulover said

happy new year every one and tatu and yes i think they make video for something

on Wednesday, December 30th, tatulover said

omg tatu together again they are so funny i love you lena and yulia

on Wednesday, December 30th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

OMG!! I EFING KNEW THEY'D MAKE A VIDEO!! i swear! lol but i thought they'd make one for New years AND christmas but lol its just New years! i freaking wanna watch it! Imma try to beat my siblings to the comp! lol

on Wednesday, December 30th, RemiRem said

OMG! This news is wonderful!!!! Maybe now, they are staying together. I don't know what they said in Russian!)) lol

on Wednesday, December 30th, Jesus Moreno said

OMG guys is it just me or does the background kinda look like the corridors in the beginning of Snegopady??? Do you think they might have been shooting Sparks in these outfits lol ahhhh haha I'm just speculating anyways about the video lol Lena got freaked out the beginning it was sooo funny XD