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12/30/2009: "Video: Show Me Love (Official Backdrop Video)"

Source: allmylove.org

Happy New Year from allmylove.org! We have uploaded “Show Me Love” official backdrop video directed by Valerie Polienko featuring unreleased footage. Click here to download it in high quality. Note: This is NOT the official music video.

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on Thursday, January 7th, Courtney said


Thanks for the videos! I see they are only in HQ though... if you want any videos converted to HD I can convert them and give them back to you to upload to your YouTube channel if you want. :)

on Friday, January 1st, Paris Harvard said

Hey everyone! If there are any t.A.T.u. UK fans here then please join my facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=230299099916 It is my plan to get t.A.T.u. back to the top of the UK charts with sparks!

on Friday, January 1st, Sarah said

Amanda, I know you don't :) But that's ok. Do you happen to know who the two people in the beginning are that are kissing?

on Thursday, December 31st, Juan Pablo said

Happy new year for the whole allmylove staff, and thanks soooooooooo much for posting such interesting t.A.T.u. stuff!!! ;) you're awesome guys, keep it up like that ^.^

on Wednesday, December 30th, G said

tatu... one big investment in time wasting - it's like that whole bitter/sweet confliction..

on Wednesday, December 30th, Amanda said

Sarah, I know. Unfortunately, we do not have the original footage, as we do from “Clowns,” “Ty Soglasna,” and “How Soon Is Now?”.

on Wednesday, December 30th, Sarah said

I wish this was without the cracks in the cd player or really just without the cd player :/

on Wednesday, December 30th, LoLo said


on Wednesday, December 30th, Jesus Moreno said

The Finger and Mouth Play was also trippy :)

on Wednesday, December 30th, RemiRem said

Random nipple play was hot~

on Wednesday, December 30th, cynthia said

likeee !

on Wednesday, December 30th, Jesus Moreno said

Thank You Amanda :) Very Awesome!!!!

on Wednesday, December 30th, RemiRem said

Thanks Amanda!))