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01/12/2010: "Version 7.0 is coming soon"

Source: allmylove.org

Version 7.0 of allmylove.org is coming soon! :-)

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on Friday, January 15th, G said

Oh yeh- PHAT & DIRRTY :) they look great

on Thursday, January 14th, Me said

I love it when people have someone disagreeing with them, they say well you just don't get it. It's so over your head. *eyeroll* I get it completely, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. For one, it's very hypocritical and like I said before they look, yes I said it, FAT and dirty.

on Thursday, January 14th, Marte said

Very cool! ;D

on Wednesday, January 13th, Francisco said

I think its great Amanda. Its very bright and looks amazing. Can't wait to see it up on the site. =]

on Tuesday, January 12th, G said

@jenn- ANOTHER excellent point. Wow u guys r alert this year :)

on Tuesday, January 12th, Kevin said

IMHO I don't like it at all

on Tuesday, January 12th, jenn said

From what I can see the layout looks nice.

I really don't like sounding like a pretentious prick, but it seems not a lot of people understand the concept of the WM photoshoot. Did you really expect them to be wearing shitloads of makeup and heels?

on Tuesday, January 12th, Jesus Moreno said

Woo hoo!!!! Version 7.0 dude I personally like the chilly feel of it

on Tuesday, January 12th, Amanda said

Faiza, yes. Our previous four layouts were ordered from layout designers. Many other fansite owners do this as well.

on Tuesday, January 12th, G said

Wow- some interesting comments! i'm shocked :P lol Thanks Yashar- EXCELLENT POINT!! But as for "Me"... neither of these girls are fat. It totally does my head in how anyone can HONESTLY label them as FAT!!!???. I can almost guarantee that both girls are in better physical condition than he/she/it is. New theme is all well and good- but sadly is just the same deal as those "instrumental" fillers on the albums.

on Tuesday, January 12th, Faiza said

I love this actually :D It has this effect of soft and rough colliding. The soft snowy background and design and the 2 girls looking like they're struggling through war neutralizes the contrast between good and evil. well I dunno how to explain but I love the juxtaposition.
Amanda, is it true you pay designers?

on Tuesday, January 12th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

it looks good but theres something missing? i think its too white!

on Tuesday, January 12th, Kayla C. said

Yay!! I'm excited!

on Tuesday, January 12th, Lindsay said

it looks good but can u make a blue one

on Tuesday, January 12th, Lauren said

I hate this. Amanda could make a masterpiece but instead she pays poor designers.

on Tuesday, January 12th, liz said

i luv it!

on Tuesday, January 12th, lol said

Finally some good news even if it wasn't t.A.T.u lol

on Tuesday, January 12th, John said

i agree to an extent, that is the point they are trying to get at i think. :) Going for the dirtiest, not attractive....

on Tuesday, January 12th, Me said

It looks good and all, but I still hate the WM photoshoot. They both look gross, dirty, and fat.

on Tuesday, January 12th, yashar said

it's nice and great.
we I mean You & I work great for t.A.T.u. but what do they do for us???
after 4 years release an album with musics which all were written and done 2 years before and also performed.
I think they must wake up from this sleep and start working together again or maybe just tell us that they are done.!!!
Somebody tell this to them.

on Tuesday, January 12th, Tof said

oooooo, i likes :D