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01/13/2010: "t.A.T.u. party in Moscow"

Source: Tatu.ru

16 January (Saturday) Moscow fans are having a big party «January Madness with t.A.T.u.»

Place: Ship ATLANTIS in the center of Moscow
Starts at: 10 PM
Special guests: Lena and Yulia
More detils: see forum (Russian)

Don’t forget to take your copy of Waste Management - we’ll try to find time to sign CDs.

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on Thursday, January 14th, RemiRem said

I will wait for Amanda too buy me plane tickets! You know my address sweetheart, I'll wait for it ; )

on Wednesday, January 13th, jenn said


on Wednesday, January 13th, G said

Seems a bit odd to have them attend a promotional party in russia now. especially considering all they hav really done as tatu this year is release the international english version of an album finished years ago... (but still f'ken jealous)

on Wednesday, January 13th, Jesus Moreno said

Dude that is so cool but I thought Lena was in L.A.???

I'm planning on going to Europe and visiting Moscow the summer before my last semester at my University.

I'm already learning a bit of Russian and French I got the Spanish and English down.

on Wednesday, January 13th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I would LOVE to go but sadly I dont have the money nor do i travel much! and im in Texas so it would be so much diffrent! and id be cool to meet other hardcore t.A.T.u. fans! ive never meet another fan! but ive met lotsa people who know t.A.T.u. and like some of their songs! my sister and other kids in my school! lol id faint if id see Lena or Yulia! :P

on Wednesday, January 13th, Rachel said

Ah, how I wish I lived in Moskva...

Actually, I might be doing foreign exchange study either next year or the year after over there. It would be awesome to run into Yulia or Lena over there, although the chances would be kinda slim. But so, so cool...