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01/13/2010: "New information"

Source: Tatu.ru

While we all were on holidays several things happened:

- Russian version of Waste Management was released! In the first days of January the album appeared in small music shops and at Hit Zone retail chain. At this point CDs was sent to the following retailers: MediaMarkt, Track, Auchan and New Bookstore, ozon.ru.

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on Friday, January 15th, Benny said

Can someone help me?
Media Markt is a shop here in Germany.Can I get "Waste Management" or "Happy Smiles" here in Germany in Media Markt?

on Thursday, January 14th, Faiza said

I'm happy they mentioned Michael Jackson... He is too be honoured :( Apart from t.A.T.u. Michael Jackson is my most favourite artist ever. anyways lol great the girls are doing really well :D

on Thursday, January 14th, Jesus Moreno said


on Thursday, January 14th, jenn said


on Wednesday, January 13th, jenn said


on Wednesday, January 13th, G said

I think they r just referring 2 the physical copy of the English album yeah.. in russian stores, yeh? lol

on Wednesday, January 13th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

LOL -Highfives jesus- yea the "homeland"! i should ask people from Mexico about t.A.T.u.! lets what they say! lol "ah! si las lesbianas?" lol i can already imagine the response! :P but most of the Mexicans i know (besides my Mexican-American family) are not very young so i doubt they'd know!

on Wednesday, January 13th, Jesus Moreno said

Ha hell yeah its nice to know back in the homeland they have taste in good music as opposed to the crap my parents listen to lol.

on Wednesday, January 13th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Ive never understood the Happy Smiles/ Waste Management labeling of the albums!! im ok with it anyway! and im so glad t.A.T.u. is strong in Mexico! and their album is on a good start!

on Wednesday, January 13th, LoLO said

Russian version of Waste Management was released!, isn't that Happy Smiles ????????