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01/17/2010: "Gallery Update: Fan Party in Moscow"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina attended the fan party on January 16, 2010 in Moscow, Russia. Thanks to Hikari (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Thursday, January 28th, Mel said

Yulia is human just like us. but i think we all agree we don't like what she's done to her face. so let's just get over that and focus on the other stuff! like how they're both at the party!

on Tuesday, January 19th, jenn said

She's a hot mamma.

on Tuesday, January 19th, alice said

I personally wouldn't say she's unattractive; she's still pretty it's just in a different way than she was before. Far more plastic/barbie-doll. I personally prefer the natural look she had 2000-2004 (and '07 and early '08) but I love her style (clothes-wise) now.

on Tuesday, January 19th, Amanda said

I-I… want to agree… but I just can’t. I think I am one of the few people that thinks Yulia is still attractive. I prefer her physical appearance now compared to 2000-2004, because she possesses more femininity and style. I think that her relationship and her children have had a positive influence on her in general.

on Monday, January 18th, G said

lol! everyone knows Jordan dont they Jenn? Yulia's future if she aint careful..

on Monday, January 18th, jenn said

AARGH! I had to look up Katie Price on google and I hate you guys. I don't think I'll ever recover. :(

on Monday, January 18th, liz said

maybe radiohead should change the name of their song to "fake plastic yulia"

ps. this girl needs an intervention...fast!

on Monday, January 18th, Amie said

Omg, she does look like Katie Price. O.O

on Monday, January 18th, Me said

OMG Katie Price crashed the t.A.T.u. party!!!

on Monday, January 18th, Amie said

Yeah, I'm sorry, but seriously what the hell happened to Yulia.

on Monday, January 18th, Sofia said

It's cool that they're out doing stuff with their fans and new album. Yes, Yulia's face does look a bit strange but it seems that she has returned to something close to her original color.

I wonder what they sang... are there any recording of it?

on Monday, January 18th, Tatulover said

Guys please i am tatu fan but i love yulia she is my best girl in the world please dont say anything bad its beautiful

on Monday, January 18th, Sammie said

Yulia looks like a watered down Katie Price now.
Lena looks as beautiful as ever though. It's nice to see them together.

on Monday, January 18th, Elise said

I have to agree with G and Fabian, I too used to think Yulia was gorgeous but now...it just looks somehow wrong.

on Monday, January 18th, Jesus Moreno said

What would the choices be on this new poll???

on Monday, January 18th, jenn said

I think the next AML poll should be about Yulia's face.

on Sunday, January 17th, G said

Im gonna have 2 back up Fabian here. I love her voice- i love the work she has done.. i used 2 think she was a sexy bitch. But no- Yulia looks ridiculous. I feel embarassed 4 Lena here. I feel embarassed for tatu here.

on Sunday, January 17th, jenn said

I think Yulia looks sexy as hell in these pictures. She junked up her face a bit, I know. But can't we get past that?

Also, #7 is so cute! It reminds me of old times like these.... http://gallery.tatushow.com/displayimage.php?pid=5598&fullsize=1

on Sunday, January 17th, Faiza said

Lena told us to shut up about her face comments so keep them to yourself

on Sunday, January 17th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

its starting to piss me off when people cant go by seeing Yulia and comment on her face! she knows what shes doing!

on Sunday, January 17th, Fabian said

I mean seriously!
There's something different.
BAD different!

on Sunday, January 17th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

it looks like our girls enjoyed themselves!! I wish I had attended the party... :-/ I hope they do a update for it on their site!

on Sunday, January 17th, Faiza said

great :)

on Sunday, January 17th, Jesus Moreno said

It's awesome seeing them together :)