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01/22/2010: "Video: Fan party in Moscow"

Source: Vkontakte.ru, tatu.ru/forum

Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina attended the fan party on January 16, 2010 in Moscow, Russia. Click here to view the full video playlist on YouTube.com. Thanks to romzess, newestatus and onlytatu (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Monday, February 8th, cynthia said

nice ... these girls have got nerve ! i would have fainted in front of lena and yulia ^_^

on Friday, January 22nd, G said

YAY!! Those tranny hosts r annoying- but every1 looks like they r having a f'ken awesome time!! :) cant w8 4 translation..
and im glad its dark so Yulia doesn't look so odd.

on Friday, January 22nd, Faiza said

wow! What a way to relax from all the studying I've been doing lool! Watching the videos seeing how the girls enjoyed the party :D
I first had this big smile when the girls came in, and then a bigger smile when Lena got shy in the 2nd video! and kept going like that lol! Thanks for showing this! and thanks to those who shared their videos! Love you lots!

on Friday, January 22nd, jenn said

I was watching some of the other videos of the party and WOW! Imagine singing in front of Yulia and Lena? At first I felt nervous for one of the girls (she was singing Marsianskiye Glaza), but then everyone jumped in and sang together....I wanna go to a t.A.T.u. party! :(