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01/23/2010: "“Waste Management” in Latin America"

Source: Tatu.ru

According to the information provided by Coqueiro Verde Records t.A.T.u. album Waste Management will be released in Brazil on Monday 25 January.

1 February the album will be released in Argentina and Chile.

The record label also says they’re getting ready for the release in Colombia. TBC release date on this territory - 8 March.

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on Tuesday, February 2nd, cheap dsi r4 said

In Latin America rapid urbanization and population growth in the cities has increased significantly since the 80s. This phenomenon has come along an escalating demand of natural resources (e.g. water, land, energy, air) affecting negatively the environmental quality of urban centers and their surroundings. Increases in demand of resources by the transport, industry and construction sectors have also put pressure on the availability of natural resources and their carrying capacity.

on Tuesday, January 26th, Mercedes said

I asked and it supposed to arrive today at the stores in Arg but they broght only one copy per store. :( I hope I can get one.

on Tuesday, January 26th, Luis said

Cool! I'll buy it the first day! (1.Feb). *laugh* I'm very happy.

on Tuesday, January 26th, Luis said

Cool! I'll buy it the first day! (1.Feb). *laugh* I'm so happy.

on Saturday, January 23rd, tatulover said

they cant release it becouse they dont have distributed label in other country like Coqueiro Verde

on Saturday, January 23rd, Fabian said

*release it* xD

on Saturday, January 23rd, Fabian said

Why don't they just release everywhere?! D: