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02/21/2010: "Gallery Update: Yulia’s birthday party"

Source: Photospress.ru

Yulia Volkova celebrated her 25th birthday at club Isterika in Moscow, Russia. Among the guests were her parents Larissa and Oleg Volkova, her husband Parviz Yasinov and her friends Sergey Lazarev and Alexey Mitrofanov. Thanks to Xen and t.a.t.u.FAN (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Friday, February 26th, tatyforever said

yulka looks soooo pretty!!!! i just was wondering why lenochka wasn't there. i guess she was in los angeles recording her solo album.
anyway, happy birthday yulia!!!!! you are great!!!! i wish u all the happiness in this world!!!

on Tuesday, February 23rd, Sarah said

You're right Liz!

on Monday, February 22nd, liz said


on Monday, February 22nd, jenn said

ROFL. Since Toy Story 2.

on Monday, February 22nd, Sofia said

Yulia looks great! I think I like her hair this more brown way than jet black. And she is returning to her normal color... pretty!

on Monday, February 22nd, G said

ok ...the most beautiful potato head ive ever seen :) (since ToyStory2)

on Monday, February 22nd, tatulover said

please if any one want say bad word about about yulia dont post a comment she is so beautiful

on Monday, February 22nd, tatulover said

omg my girl look so beautiful amazing photos but lena should be there i know she now in LA but its yulia birthday

on Sunday, February 21st, Sammie said

File #9 and #41 are absolutely adorable! She looks beautiful again!

on Sunday, February 21st, circe said

Yulia looks VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

on Sunday, February 21st, circe said

So cool! Looks like fun! I was just thinking Lena should of been there like Yulia was there for Lena's birthday. But Troy had some pics of lena and the band in the the studio on his Twitter last week and there are some pics of them in LA on tatu-comeback.net so I think she's in LA?

on Sunday, February 21st, G said

Yeah... unbelievable is the word. artificial, fake, manufactured.. also valid words ;) lol dont scold me Manda!

on Sunday, February 21st, Kate said

It seemed like a lot of fun! :)
But i wonder why Lena wasn't there? :(

on Sunday, February 21st, Amanda said

Yulia looks unbelievably beautiful.