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03/20/2010: "Gallery Update: Lena Katina's first photoshoot"


PrideFest's official website posted two new photos of Lena Katina. © T.A. Music.

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on Tuesday, March 23rd, jenn said

The second one does look a little bit 'shopped, but I'm going to pretend it's not because she looks mad awesome. Damn you sexy Russians!

on Sunday, March 21st, Robbert said

I was the first to see these =] woo

on Sunday, March 21st, RemiRem said

They are cute

on Sunday, March 21st, Petr said

Wow! The advertisement is at the main page of festival... :-)

on Sunday, March 21st, a•d•R•I•a•n said

@ Fabian, your just a jealous bitch! your neck is as think as a Ron Jeremy's [censored]!! >:P Jaykayyyyy! your neck is fine Fabian! as a matter of fact, Id leave hickies if I found you alone! ;)
but yeah, I can see why'd you say that about Lena's neck! but other then her neck, its all fab! :P

on Sunday, March 21st, ToTo said

They probably missed up the photos with photoshop

on Sunday, March 21st, Fabian said

Is it just me or does her face and neck in photo on the right seem slightly smaller?
Anyway, they're stunning ,yet simple. :)

on Sunday, March 21st, Philip said

the right one looks so amazing. would make a great album cover

on Sunday, March 21st, Aryle said

I love the one on the left. The right one seems slightly odd. But as always, Lena is STUNNING!

on Saturday, March 20th, a•d•R•I•a•n said

this is pretty cool, I love the right one! I love the style! wallpaper that shiz!