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03/22/2010: "Requesting your help"


We are requesting your help in deciding how to manage Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova's solo projects on our website. Please vote in the poll and post a comment. Thank you in advance.

Option 1: Main domain
All news, photos, audio/video will be posted on

Option 2: Sub domains
All news, photos, audio/video will be posted on and

Option 3: New domains
All news, photos, audio/video will be posted on domains separate from

Option 4: Other
Please specify in a comment.

Replies: 25 Comments

on Wednesday, March 24th, Jesus Moreno said

Main Domain easier to check one site and since t.A.T.u. is on a break this would work perfectly

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Faiza said

Main domain because it's tiring and forgetful to check out all 3 or 2 websites at the same time.

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Amanda said

Adrian, you can view our full archives here:

They are also available above each news entry, with links to the month, previous entry and next entry.

Jenn, I only post information about Yulia's solo project, because I have not opened up my sub-domain/domain yet. And I cannot open it until there is, at least, an official photoshoot. I have not posted information about Lena's solo project since November, when my sub-domain was opened. But the exception is my PrideFest 2010 entry, because like I said, it is to help promotion.

on Tuesday, March 23rd, jenn said

At first I thought keeping it all on one page would be the better idea, but not so much anymore. What's the point of having sub domains if all the news will be posted on the main domain as well. Like somebody else already said, I too think it would be smart to add huge ass links to both domains above the news. You know what I'm saying?

on Monday, March 22nd, G said

Def option1! Keep it true the source* Its great that you have acknowledged the solo projects by way of individual websites. But its very unlikely that interest in these projects will be in lieu of tatu. Love ur work!!

on Monday, March 22nd, liz said

def. the main domain. amanda, i really don't want you to waste money on two seperate domains. it would easier for the fans to get the news on here, because they might not remember the seperate sites for both lena and yulia!

on Monday, March 22nd, a•d•R•I•a•n said

I would ONLY agree about putting all t.A.T.u. and solo news on one page if we were able to see news on past days/weeks! becuase Id hate it if solo, AML and t.A.T.u. news would be comming out alot and Id might not get on for a few days and Id miss alot of news! you know what I mean? All Im asking for is to be able see previous pages of news!

on Monday, March 22nd, circe said

I think it would be a lot easier to keep up on news, and for new fans to find if everything was on one page.

on Monday, March 22nd, Amanda said

Adrian, actually, I don't post half of the Lena Katina news on the main news. I have only chosen to post about PrideFest 2010 to help promotion. If I had not promoted, then many people wouldn't have known about the festival. Furthermore, I am including under 'latest updates' on the main page.

on Monday, March 22nd, a•d•R•I•a•n said

I THINK ITS BETTER NOT TO POST LENA AND YULIA SOLOS IN THEIR OWN PLACE!!! Its dumb that Amanda posts Lena news on both sites! whats the point of Lena.AML if shes just gonna post on AML and Lena.AML?! I say SUB DOMAINS!!! and Ive said this before, post something here when theres a update in the other sites! but NOT the whole update! just like a little note!

on Monday, March 22nd, Fabian said

Sub Domains.
So we can make Amanda work harder! >:D
Just kidding! :P
I like the sub domain idea cause it makes more sense. Cause AML is a t.A.T.u. fan site.

on Monday, March 22nd, TaTyTu said

Main Domains!!!!!!!!!!
so no 1 can be distracted.

on Monday, March 22nd, Sam said

sub domains* haha

on Monday, March 22nd, Sam said

Sun Domains
I agree with Francisco, i think it would be good to let us know when there is new info on the sub domains by posting it on the main one.

on Monday, March 22nd, Amanda said

Here are my main concerns for each option:

Option 1: Main domain
- We may not be recognizing Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova as respective artists.

Option 2: Sub domains
- We may not be successful, due to the lack of a domain (e.g.

Option 3: New domains
- We may be creating a division among fans, specifically our visitors.

on Monday, March 22nd, Axelle said

Option 1 : Main Domain ^^

on Monday, March 22nd, Ryan said

Main Domain because i usually cant be arsed to go on the lena.allmylove no offense

on Monday, March 22nd, Cassandra said

I think that news domains will be the best option.
With sub domains, we will forget and it will emphasize the separation of t.A.T.u. girls.

on Monday, March 22nd, Petr said

Main domain :-)

on Monday, March 22nd, NaOH said

I think that subdomains are better :)

on Monday, March 22nd, Malchik said

Main domain...!!!!

on Monday, March 22nd, gay boy said

Sub domains of course!

on Monday, March 22nd, Giulia said

I vote for Option 2: Sub domains!

on Monday, March 22nd, EmilyJ said

I agree with Fransisco. I think subdomains are the best way to go, but they are easy to forget. It will be important that you make sure everyone remembers they exist lol

on Monday, March 22nd, Francisco said

I like the Sub domains. I just think that people forget about them so they don't get to see the news on the girl's solo careers. Maybe if you add big cool links on the main domain people well remember to check the Sub. Just an idea =)