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03/22/2010: "Caption contest (March 22-25)"


We are introducing a new page to our website - caption contest. Click here to submit your name, e-mail address and caption. We will select the best caption and display it on our website. The winner will receive a mystery exclusive photo by e-mail. Good luck, everyone!

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on Wednesday, March 24th, Mel said

why do most of these have something to do with sex?

on Wednesday, March 24th, Giulia said

I entered, but I don't think it was too funny...anyway great idea Amanda! :)

on Wednesday, March 24th, Dianais said

Yulia: wow is fucking delicious

Lena: who of popsicle or me?

on Wednesday, March 24th, Nabil said

Lena:Hey Yulia, I think that guy over there is checking me out..
Yulia:Relax Lenok,just do wat im doing and then he'll be checking out his pants.

on Tuesday, March 23rd, circe said

I liked yours Amanda! lol that was a good one.

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Amanda said

Tommy, yes, we accept entries by comments too.

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Tommy said

Wait, can we submit by the comments page too?

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Tommy said

Lena: Just because we're in school uniforms doesn't mean you can teach me how to give oral.

Yulia: But if you want to keep it short and sweet, like this popsicle, you have to listen.

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Amanda said

Although I am not qualified to enter, here is my caption:

Yulia: *Eats popsicle*
Lena: Why any educated individual would think that eating a popsicle simulates oral sex is beyond my comprehension.

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Liz said

Lean And Yulia are trying out for the new verison of The Gong Show!

on Monday, March 22nd, G said

I hope these are considered from all points of view ;) I decided to avoid the obvious sexual inuendo lol

on Monday, March 22nd, Mafer said

I had sent my :D

on Monday, March 22nd, Mel said

i entered but i was just being stupid

on Monday, March 22nd, kelsey said

Lena:you sure this is right?

Yulia:well thats how a BJ works :D

on Monday, March 22nd, circe said

"Young & sweet. When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane."

Get it? wrong lane? bound to get hit, nothing lasts forever.

on Monday, March 22nd, Rebekah said

Lena: this popsicle tastes terrible.
Yulia: I don't know I think it tastes pretty good.

on Monday, March 22nd, Amanda said

Fabian, you may submit multiple captions. But I recommend that you select and submit your best one. :-)

on Monday, March 22nd, Fabian said

I have SO many captions for this! XD
Are we only allowed to enter one? D: