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03/25/2010: "Caption Contest winner"


We are pleased to announce that Nabil has won our caption contest. Congratulations, Nabil! Thank you to everyone who entered. Click here to view others' entries.

Nabil's caption
Lena: Hey-hey Yulia, I think that guy over there is checking me out...
Yulia: Relax, Lenok... Just do what I'm doing and he'll be checking out his pants then.

Replies: 4 Comments

on Friday, March 26th, Faiza said

LOL! nice! XD

btw my nickname has "nabil" in it :O >>>>Nabila :P... family name >.> ok now I just gave it away... Don't u dare call me by that name >:O just wanted to share :) xD

on Friday, March 26th, Ryane said

This was my second favorite! My first favorite was Katya's.

on Thursday, March 25th, RemiRem said

Congratulations! =D

There were a few other good ones, but this one was really cute~

on Thursday, March 25th, jenn said

Congratulations on the funny, Nabil!