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03/28/2010: "Unconfirmed: t.A.T.u. remix contest"


Thanks to House 13 and Flo (

On March 31st, Lena Katina, the star of the Russian pop sensation, t.A.T.u, launches the t.A.T.u. Remix Contest. You can put your spin on several t.A.T.u. songs from their latest album, "Waste Management." The winning tracks will be featured on the group's upcoming remix compilation release.

Contestants will be asked to create their remixes in one of the following five styles: Downtempo, Deep House, Hip Hop, Psy-Trance, Dub.

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on Friday, April 2nd, Faiza said

AWWW!!! I want to do something! I've always wanted to do remixes of songs but I don't have the programs to :( Like fruityloops but I think it's not free is it?

on Tuesday, March 30th, jenn said

Daaaamn Remi, that's a good point. Well uh, good luck!

on Tuesday, March 30th, RemiRem said

And again, I will say as I did on the forum:

Very interesting. However, where will the vocals tracks be provided? =)
We have yet to see "acapellas" from the following:

-Time Of The Moon
-Running Blind
-You And I
-Don't Regret
-Little People
-Fly On The Wall
-White Robe
-Marsianskie Glaza
-Ne Zhaley

Unless, there will only be remixes for Beliy Plashik, 220, & Vremya Lyuni? o.O

on Tuesday, March 30th, jenn said

Get to work, remix nerds!

(lol you know i kid <3)

on Sunday, March 28th, Fabian said

So we can do remixes from other albums besides "Waste Management"? (If this contest is true) :]