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06/12/2010: "Vote for "Sparks" on MTV LA"


Vote for t.A.T.u.'s newest music video "Sparks" on MTV Latin America. Voting instructions: Click here, enter t.A.T.u. - Sparks in the other field ("otra tema"), enter your name ("nombre"), surname ("apellido") and e-mail, and click the vote ("votar") button.

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on Wednesday, July 14th, piarnsbfobh said

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on Thursday, July 1st, 8gb micro m2 said

She looks outstanding. I had already voted for her. I am surely gonna tell this to my friends also.

on Saturday, June 26th, Karan said

Go Spark go!! i luv t.A.T.u.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Thursday, June 17th, Juan Pablo said

oh hell yeah! i have voted for the many many times!!! and our votes really worth because today i could watch sparks for the first time on MTVLA!!!! :D it definitly made my day guys ^^

on Monday, June 14th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I voted for them!

on Monday, June 14th, Mafer said

t.A.T.u. - Sparks

Guys it's in the list!!

We just have to select it and vote! =D

on Sunday, June 13th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

Can we vote multiple times with the same e-mail???

on Saturday, June 12th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I voted 5 times! :D

on Saturday, June 12th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I voted! And it was rather easy! GO SPARKS!

on Saturday, June 12th, fan said

DONE!!! for our best girls this is this at least we can do :PP