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08/17/2010: "EXCLUSIVE: The Rasmus ft. Lena Katina"

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We have uploaded an exclusive, unreleased studio version of The Rasmus' "October And April" featuring Lena Katina. She was later replaced by Anette Olzon from Nightwish in the final version. Click here to download the audio file. Note: This song will NOT appear on Lena Katina's upcoming album.

Please help us promote it by posting on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and any other website or blog. Thank you in advance.

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on Saturday, August 21st, jenn said

lol Nightwish.

on Thursday, August 19th, confuzzled said

hmm... y was lena replaced?? :s

on Thursday, August 19th, jake said

Love this track so much, thanx Amanda

on Wednesday, August 18th, lena'sfan said

great version!!! thanks

on Wednesday, August 18th, Mwa-coco said

I've made a video of this song with the lyrics, if you want to watch, go here :

on Wednesday, August 18th, Verka said

The version with Lena is INCREDIBLE. The Rasmus should've kept Lenka in the song. Annette is very "meh".

on Wednesday, August 18th, Cookies said

How is it possible that the singer of my favorite band replaces my favorite singer?
What a coincidence!
I must say, I prefer Lena's voice more ;)
But Anette isn't that awesome anyway, she's not Nightwish for me :p

on Wednesday, August 18th, Rae said

Wow love this song! Lena was beautiful of course, different doin a duet with a guy but great all the same. They were wrong to change the singers, it was perfect with Lena!

on Wednesday, August 18th, Amanda said

Mimi, thank you for helping promote it!

on Wednesday, August 18th, Francisco said

Listen to both versions and don't see any reason to replace Lena. Her version is beautiful. Anette is nice as well.

It would have been interesting to see Lena in the video if she hadn't been replaced

on Wednesday, August 18th, *Mimi* said

I love this song! They should have pick Lena instead of Anette.

I just posted the video on my facebook, blog, and now on my twitter.

on Tuesday, August 17th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

G, what do you mean?? Specify please :S

on Tuesday, August 17th, a.d.R.I.a.n. said

I wanna download this! :( But my moms on the computer! :( I bet its nice anyway :)

on Tuesday, August 17th, G said

Lena's english vocals are just short of flawless. She sounds divine. I do, however, prefer her voice recorded in specific samples (as in tatu) - rather than a fairly consistent recording of lyrics (as in this & LITD).

on Tuesday, August 17th, Liz said

I luv it. The Annette version

on Tuesday, August 17th, Camille said

Wow so beautiful ! Lena sing it so much more beautiful than this "Annette", why Lena the hell was replaced ? So sad of it :( Thanks Amanda ! Thanks so much I love your website ! <3

on Tuesday, August 17th, quoth09 said

If anyone wants to download via torrent or help seed this, you can grab the torrent for it here:

on Tuesday, August 17th, Krlos said

Thank you so much Amanda :D

on Tuesday, August 17th, Amanda said

Right click this link and select 'save target as':

on Tuesday, August 17th, Krlos said

i can't download . Could anyone upload this song on rapidshare or something similar? Please
I really loved this song, it's beautiful

on Tuesday, August 17th, Whitney said

Wow, this is sooo beautiful! I don't understand why Lena was replaced.

I've heard the one with Annette and I thought it was okay...but Lena's voice just makes it so angelic and beautiful.

Annette makes it seem like your average pop ballad :P

on Tuesday, August 17th, Robbbert said

when was this made amanda? its awesome. but she sings a few words different than what he says. lol.

on Tuesday, August 17th, Fabian said

This is so fucking pretty!
I love it! It should be on some album!
Thanks, Amanda!

on Tuesday, August 17th, Jem said

I liked this version SO much better than the one with Anette.

on Tuesday, August 17th, Amanda said


She was like April sky
Sunrise in her eyes
Child of light, shining star
Fire in her heart
Brightest day, melting snow
Breaking through the chill
October and April

He was like frozen sky
In October night
Darkest cloud in the storm
Raining from his heart
Coldest moon, deepest blue
Tearing down this spring
October and April

Like hate and love
Worlds apart
This fatal love was like poison
Right from the start

Like light and dark
Worlds apart
This fatal love was like poison
Right from the start

We were like loaded guns
Sacrificed our lives

We were like love unbound
Craving to entwine

Fatal touch
Final thrill
Love was bound to kill
October and April

Like hate and love
Worlds apart
Light and dark
Worlds apart

This fatal love was like poison
Right from the start

October and April
October and April
October and April

on Tuesday, August 17th, circe said

This is so beautiful. It so good. I wish it was on an album.

on Tuesday, August 17th, Elise said

Wow Amanda, thank you so much for this! It's beautiful and haunting :D

on Tuesday, August 17th, Rachel said

Anette Olzon is sexy as hell. I have always had a huge crush on her.

on Tuesday, August 17th, Eimi said

Oh my god, she sounds just beautiful. Why'd they replace her?? D:

on Tuesday, August 17th, Aryle said

This is so cool! Lena sounds AMAZINGGG :D

Muchas gracias Amanda!

on Tuesday, August 17th, valeria said

It sounds So weird to listen to Lena sing duet with a guy instead of a yulia... I like the song though.

on Tuesday, August 17th, Paula said

Whoa! Finally! :D
Thank you so much Amanda.
It's simply awesome.