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08/26/2010: "Audio: t.A.T.u. Request Hour"


Exclusive recording from Cherrytree Records Radio "t.A.T.u. Request Hour", including an intro by Lena Katina (at the end). Click here to download the file. Listen to the re-broadcast at and at 3:00 PM (Pacific Time).

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on Monday, August 30th, Mark said

Karan the english verson of Simple Motions will not be released it has been recorded but as u hear in the clip their has been alot of argueing and hassle of it and now its locked away basicly and its up to t.A.T.u. to release it but i dount they will and its not the same as the russian its a slow song bot upbeat like the russian i 2 want the song but we wont get it :( well maybe 1 day :D x

on Saturday, August 28th, Karan said

heyy heyy i wnt english version of simple motion plzz.... nybdy post a link..

on Friday, August 27th, Francisco said

This just makes me want to listen to Simple Motions even more.. :(

on Thursday, August 26th, Aryle said

Wait, there's an english version of "Simple Motions" ?!

on Thursday, August 26th, Valeria said

I read this on Argentina.
I thought I'd post this since it wasnt posted here. :/

Some words about the songs:

Comments from Asya Kalyasina (Annie)

Obezyanka Nol - Song described by Annie as a big come back of t.A.T.u., when they were again on tv, radio, everywhere.

Malchik Gay - "Funny, positive, I used to like it, one of my favorite songs" Says Annie. The tittle was going to be Boy Gay but they at the end decided to keep the name as "Malchik Gay"

Fly On The Wall - Martin said "I first heard this song before it was even finished. Writers Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander came to my office and played the piece they'd written thus far on the piano. Then I took t.A.T.u. to cut it with them at Billy's and Josh's studio in Santa Monica, but that session didn't go so great. Haha. Eventually, t.A.T.u. came back and finished the song."

Running Blind (Transformer Remix) - Made by Sven and released on Waste Management album. Dean said "I don't know much about this song, except that Sven has said this is how the original version of the song sounded, before it was changed for the album" One of his favorite songs from the album.

Robot - "Robot, we're so much alike" "Being in love with some Useless little mechanical object, a robot,a doll..." "It's like saying you are the same as a robot, and claiming that there are no emotions. They compare it to being a 'robot'".

Zachem Ya - "Emotional and sad" Says Annie. Martin said "I wrote those lyrics from my experience growing up always being the different kid. I moved a lot. I think it related to t.A.T.u. But that's why the English versions on 200km hour are about desolation and feeling on the outside. It's the story of both of them being excluded and them sticking together against the world. I used my experience to write them."

30 Minutes - Annie said that is was around the time of 9/11, and that Ivan came to Universal with the video for 30 Minutes just days after what happened in New York, they watched the video and just couldn't imagine worse timing for the video, so they put the video on hold for 6 months. (Thanks to Dean for reminding me)

on Thursday, August 26th, Jeronimo said

WOW!! im excited to hear a resume about my favorite tatu song!! =D And nice to hear lena at the end of the show.

on Thursday, August 26th, Amanda said

Petr, Lena did not participate in the radio show therefore she did not discuss 'Simple Motions' or any other topic.

on Thursday, August 26th, Petr said

Simply Motion? What did Lena exactly say about this song?