Gallery update - Babiy 2001

Yes, I did go easy on the caps (people said they didn't want over 200). So 54 caps it is.

I'm afraid it's the file's fault they're not the best quality, you know my caps are always great quality - so don't think less of my skill! Enjoy!
Amanda on 01.31.07 @ 05:30 PM CST [link]

2001 show capped!

Source: forum
Credit: Matvei,, smartjsk

Thanks to the team, we finally have the full Ya Soshla S Uma performance from Kremal! And Nas Ne Dogoniat too! Both in high quality in .vob format. Here is the sendspace link, thanks to smartjsk, since most of us have problems with's servers.

Sendspace 291 MB

Amanda on 01.30.07 @ 12:35 PM CST [link]

And we're back!

Hey guys. No, we didn't get lazy with our news. We had a slight malfunction, pretty obvious. I'm not sure exactly what happened, seeing as no one replied to my support thread on greymatterforums. It's been 3 days...still nothing. But we're back, and with an all new version of greymatter. Our old archives will stay, until this one is full. Enjoy.

Also, seeing as this is new- all authors were deleted. Get in contact with me (MSN or email) if you'd like to be added back, or added to the new line. Thank you.

Ok, news, news news...

  • t.A.T.u. are in new Mexican "H" men's magazine. DJ_Volk ( scanned them in HQ. Very, very sexy.
  • Many updates to our new gallery. HQ scans, HQ pictures (thanks Rachel of tatysite!), and screencaps... go on, visit!
    Amanda on 01.28.07 @ 10:56 AM CST [link]