Tatu.ru entry | Feburary 20th, 2007
“Special “spasibo” to some of you who created these s.u.p.e.r.c.o.o.l. projects for Julia’s B’day! TatuMedia.net opened a special section (All My Love, awesome!)”
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Tatu.ru entry | April 28th, 2007
“How many t.A.T.u. CDs and DVDs do you have? Five? Ten? Twenty? Our loyal fan and advanced collector Amanda has more than 100 items by now! Find out how she did it in Amanda's guide for t.A.T.u. collecting.”
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Tatu.ru invitation | July 18th, 2007
“Dear all,
Instead of not working Boltushki/Talks section of tatu.ru we've decided to create a page of the best unofficial sites. The current preview of this page is in the attachment.
It would be great if you could send us jpeg\gif banner of your site - not more than 30kb. Please, make it of the same size as in the attached picture. And please, try to make it simple, clear and nice.
It would be great to get them by July, 23 (Monday) by 11 AM. Let me know if this time is enough, ok?
Looking forward to getting your banners, guys,

MySpace blog | December 7, 2007
“Due to the way MySpace friends list works, we had space in our top friends for one extra person. We’ve decided to add the MySpace account of one of the most interesting t.A.T.u. Fansites – AllMyLove.org. Visit our top friends to check them out.”
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Tatu.ru forum | February 26, 2008
“All my love, your collection...well, kicks ass! Jon, yup, epic is the word.”
– Zhenya Voevodina
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Tatu.ru entry | October 4, 2008
"T.h.a.n.k.y.o.u. each and everyone for your congratulations from all around the world, for sweet b-day wishes, poems, cards, drawings, videos and even special "b-day blogs", sites sections and avatar collections!"
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Autograph from t.A.T.u. | October 21st, 2008
“To Amanda from “TATU” with best wishes!!!”
» Poster | CD album

E-mail from Zhenya | March 10th, 2009
"Hey Amanda,
Just wanted to drop you a short e-mail - great new layout you guys made. Very cool.

Autograph from Lena | April 14th, 2009
“To Amanda from TATU”
» BEST FOR magazine

Autograph from t.A.T.u. | May 16th, 2009
“To Amanda”
» OK! magazine | Other items

Autograph from t.A.T.u. | May 31st, 2009
“To Amanda from TATU” / “Good site :-)”
» Lyudi Invalidy poster | Vesyolye Ulybki poster
Note: Yulia also signed her name.

E-mail from Zhenya | June 10th, 2009
“Hey girl,
Happy Birthday :-) Let all your dreams come true. You deserve it.

Addition to top friends | July 29th, 2009
“We’ve added your myspace as the fifth friend. Your site deserves it.
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Featured on fan art blog | August 13th, 2009
“New works of Amanda Scott, who created allmylove.org.
Other works of artist are here and here.”
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Video greeting from Lena Katina | August 17, 2009
“Hi everybody from Amanda’s forum [website], I’m Lena Katina and I just want to say you hello. Allmylove.org, see you soon!”
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Meeting Lena Katina | August 17, 2009
I attended the fan meeting with Lena Katina on August 17th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
» My report, my photos with Lena

E-mail from Zhenya | March 9, 2010
"Hi Amanda. Wow, a great idea to get together all collectors in one place. Neat design."

E-mail from Zhenya | March 22, 2010
"Forwarded your new layout to Vladimir Byazrov [the photographer] - he says it's pretty amazing. I like it too."

Featured on Lena-Katina.com | April 26, 2010
"Meanwhile several cool fan sites and fan blogs about Lena appeared. One of them deserves a special mention – a fan site by Amanda Scott - lena.allmylove.org"
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Featured on Lena-Katina.com | November 2010
"http://lena.allmylove.org – Lena’s American fan site."
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If Lightning Strikes Contest | October 5, 2010
"The best answer will be chosen by a panel of judges consisting of myself, Diana from lena-pan-american and Amanda from lena.allmylove.org"
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If Lightning Strikes Giveaway | November 21, 2010
"Here we go. The first winner of the first poster is... It's someone in the USA... Amanda Scott. You have a signed poster! Awesome!"
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Video greeting from Yulia Volkova | December 1, 2010
"Hi everybody at allmylove.org. Thank you for support me. So, I love you guys and thank you for your love. See you next time."
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Facebook post from Troy Maccubbin | December 4, 2010
"A great supporter! Check it out if you haven't! You ROCK Amanda! Love what ya doing!! xoxoxox"
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