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04/02/2007: "Gallery & forum info"

We're sorry to inform you guys that the reason why we haven't posted gallery updates is because we're still having problems. We're unsure how to fix them, we believe we'll have to reinstall our and tatumedia's gallery. If we have to, allmylove.org and tatumedia.net will go seperate ways - gallery wise. But with this we'll add a lot of new pictures and a new layout in honor of it. As will tatumedia.net.

Our forum is very dead and I don't even post on it anymore. If anyone is still interested in our forum, we will get a new forum as allmylove.org/forum if possible. But if no one is interested, we will remove the invisionfree forum link. We won't delete it, we might need it for back-up purposes.

Thank you for your understanding. Know that we will always fight for our content despite any problems and/or failed attempts. Please comment (don't email me) with any suggestions and/or complaints.


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on Wednesday, April 4th, Amanda said

I know we will. <3

on Tuesday, April 3rd, Chad said

We'll make it through this insane time together. <3