64 New Icons

New very well-made icons by some graphic makers I know. Never before seen on a t.A.T.u. fan site. I'd like to thank the makers, Sam, Ella, Ieva, An, Meg and Lauren - you guys are awesome. Please no hotlinking these.

6 preview icons (#1 from each)

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We are almost at 300 icons. Remember who brought them to you! - AML!
Amanda on 04.30.07 @ 01:59 PM CST [link]

Gallery coming back!

Hi guys, I'm happy to announce that the gallery is being worked on. However, differently, it's just going to be a subpage.

Thankfully I don't have THAT much work to do. All I have to do is add all the photos from our old gallery. I can add the new ones gradually for promotion - which we need.

Though I might try and figure out how to change the bold h1s and links in order to match our real style - I happen to be a perfectionist when it comes to CSS!
Amanda on 04.29.07 @ 02:33 PM CST [link]

Featured on tatu.ru

It is awesome, no, it's totally awesome that my guide AND collection made it to tatu.ru. I don't know many official band sites that are as fan based as tatu.ru. And to think, all these fans, and possibly t.A.T.u. know of my collection and guide to collecting - it's an honor. It's amazing. Thank you so much tatu.ru! Keep rocking! :)

^Click image to view.

Amanda on 04.28.07 @ 12:34 PM CST [link]

HQ German Articles Full-Size [Part 1]

I took time off my well-deserved home alone day, with cartoons and junk food, to scan these full-size German articles for you lovely people. Enjoy!

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Amanda on 04.27.07 @ 12:18 PM CST [link]

German articles soon...

Be prepared.

Amanda on 04.26.07 @ 10:10 AM CST [link]

2 TATY Come Back HQ Scans

Despite the gallery still being broke, I couldn't pass up the chance to scan my new book "TATY Come Back". We're all aware of it - and it's even more cool in person. So here, cover and back, HQ [teaser size] scans of the book.

Amanda on 04.25.07 @ 10:44 PM CST [link]

Updates & Fan Media

Updates: Archives (added), Link Us (added), Tour (edited), Unofficial Remixes (edited, see below).

One of our beloved visitors, Perfect_Enemy, donated a cool remix they made to our Unofficial Remixes media section. And I thought, hey, they're not the only creative visitor here - there's lots! And with that, we're asking you, would you donate fanmade videos, remixes, and other audio/video things?

If you're up for it, please comment here (or email me at amanda@allmylove.org) with your name (or nickname), the category of your work, and most importantly - a download link! We'll upload it to AML's server (eg. aml/videos/fanvideos/) and add it to the selected section with your name near it.
Amanda on 04.25.07 @ 10:09 PM CST [link]

ISOT Official News

RAMCO, 12.Apr. 2007

Thanks Argos from tatysite!

In May will start the shooting of the feature film "In Search Of t.A.T.u."

The Russian - American cinema-company "RAMCO" finishes the pre-production period of the work on the feature film "In Search Of t.A.T.u.", it's shooting will begin in Moskva in the middle of May. This is a youth & music drama, shot upon motives of the novel of A. Mitrofanov's "Tatu Comeback".

Janey Sawyer is a nice American of 16 to 17 years. She lives in Moskva already for a year, where she has absolutely no friends. Because of her enthusiasm for the group t.A.T.u. she gets to know Lana Starkova in a chat, a Russian of her age from a small town in the province. The girls meet in Moskva, to go together to a concert of the beloved group, and find themselves pulled into a whirl of unbelievable events. A "mirror" of the night life waits for them with all it's glamour and dangers, adventures at the edge of magical fairy-tales and nightly horror, tests of friendship and resistance. In spite of all conflicts, betrayals and disappointments, the girls will find the power to resist the wrong values and open new feelings and talents in themselves.

Sincerity, creative work and love will lead Janey and Lana to a meeting with t.A.T.u., but later to the fulfillment of their own dreams for another much better life. The story will end with a bright happy-end, a grandios concert in front of a huge auditorium. The viewers will await unexpected turns of the plot, brilliant and well-known people and of course, much music. The group t.A.T.u. has prepared some new songs for the project, not to forget that Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina will play there themselves.

The budget of the movie will be 12 Mio. dollars. Especially for the shooting the cinema-company "RAMCO", who specializes in the production of feature films for the international market according to technology of "foreign production" at the base of the cinema-concern "Mosfilm", has invited the famous british director and script-writer Roland Joffe. At the shooting of the film will participate international celebrities, whose names the cinema-company keeps secret at the moment. The locations of the shooting are Moskva and Yaroslavl. The presentation of the film-project "In Search Of t.A.T.u." will be during the Cannes-Festival in May 2007. The distribution of the movie will be carried out by the company "Foresight Unlimited", USA, and the preliminary sales of the film are planned in September 2007.
Amanda on 04.25.07 @ 02:09 PM CST [link]

Serious iconage

Introducing...iTatu! The newest addition to whatever that iPod-line is.

iHope you like! They were fun to make!

Made by Amanda ©
More icons this way...

Amanda on 04.24.07 @ 12:45 AM CST [link]

Two HQ German articles added

Maybe I am posting nit-picky updates, but I say : the more the merrier!

Go to the articles section!

Amanda on 04.22.07 @ 09:44 PM CST [link]

New Troy blog entry

Source: Troymaccubbin.com

G'day Guys,

Wow long time no talk.
Time is just flying by and being in the studio, I have totally lost track of time and the fact that I haven't posted a blog for a while.
My bad guys, I know you have all been patiently waiting to get some news.
Everything is moving forward and is all positive. Julia & Lena are here in LA recording vocals for the new album. I caught up with them and they seem to be very well & in great spirits. The girls are excited to record and get the new album done. As we all are.
Us guys in the band will be working on some tunes too and have already chosen the first song that we are going to put our stamp on. So as with all good recording projects, it takes time. But I'm really excited to get going on the new tunes and everyone seems to feel the same.
There is also talk of us playing a show here in LA while we are all in town. So as soon as I hear confirmed information about that I will let you all know straight way.
Thats going to be such a blast to play our first show in the USA here in Los Angeles. If it's a great success, that will only insure more shows in the US! Which is what we all want!
We are off to Egypt at the start of May for a concert too which should be great to see that part of the world. Then back to LA to continue recording.

I don't know much about the TATU film project but I do know its moving forward here in Hollywood. Not sure when or if us guys will make an appearance but Julia & Lena will. I think we are in it playing a show or something, not sure. When I find out more I'll let you know. Should be lots of fun to be up on the big screen, if we are in it!

My album is coming along great, finished some vocals the other day, wrote another tune for the album and everything is sounding fantastic. Getting a lot of interest from the industry and support from everywhere. Which really excites me. I know its taking some time, but I want it to sound great. So be patient guys, its getting close and I'll have a release date for you all very soon!

I'm going to be playing some small acoustic shows around LA in the next couple of months, so if your in the area come out and say hello. I'll post all information when I lock in the show dates & times.
A special thanks to my friend on myspace, Simon from England who painted this awesome painting of me. Really talented artist, check out some of his paintings of TATU also on his myspace site.
Ok guys, must run off to the studio now. I'll take tonnes of pics of our travels in Egypt and post them when I get back. I'll also make sure I post more blogs for you guys too.
Thank you all for your support, patience and messages on www.myspace.com/Troymaccubbinmusic.com & here on my website
Its really awesome to hear from you all. Keep them all coming guys!

Good on ya!

svEn on 04.22.07 @ 07:04 PM CST [link]

Podnebesnaya Disc 1

I said I was going to get Podnebesnaya finished by this week. I only ended up with Disc 1. But I thought you'd guys like it anyway; consider it a preview. I will make an official page for it with description and disc 2 when I get the time. DO NOT HOTLINK!


Podnebesnaya disc 1 [1/17 - 2/08]

PS. ..If anyone could share a 300px cap, thanks.
Amanda on 04.22.07 @ 11:57 AM CST [link]

Article about Lena w/ Pashtet!

Source: Tatu.ru

ОК! photographer managed to take pictures of the singer with a dog near her house in Krilatskoe Area. The puppy was picked up in the street by Lena’s neighbours before the New Year, but they decided not to keep it. Lena and her boyfriend Tolya decided to take the dog: They wanted to get the puppy for a long time by then. The dog turned out to be capricious and even escaped from Lena several times. That's why Lena always takes with her his favourite delicacy - crackers. Actually Pashtet is very kind. He doesn't growl on other dogs and he only smells about and wags his tail when he meats one. White labrador didn't pay on Pashtet any attention when the latter approached. Having seen in Lena's hand crackers, labrador started to jump towards her and stained her light jacket. The labrador's owner had to lead away her dog, and Lena went home to wash her jacket.

When the puppy was picked up, he had a dog-collar, and first Lena and Tolya tried to find his owners. They even posted announcements in the area. But the owner was not found. The puppy was named Pashtet. He got nicknames right away: A long one – Pashtet Ivanovich - and a short one - P. I.
Amanda on 04.20.07 @ 07:45 AM CST [link]

Collector guide by me

The updates on AML are fairly slow. I apologize for this. I haven't been able to get much work done because my router broke again.

So I thought I'd post this amateur "collector guide" I wrote on ebay.com. It is from my point of view of t.A.T.u. music collecting. I will write a more detailed, professional one for tatucollector.net in the future, don't fret.

^Click image to view.

Fun fact: svEn and I are both t.A.T.u. collectors. Did you know?
Amanda on 04.18.07 @ 04:47 PM CST [link]

Album news and Egypt performance

Source: Tatu.ru

t.A.T.u. have been in Los Angeles for several days by now - and vocals recording for the new album has already started!

Lena and Julia will be in the US up to the end of spring, and in the beginning of May the band will have a pause in the work and give a performance in Charm-ale-sheikh /Egypt/.

When: May, 3
Where: Il Mercato
svEn on 04.18.07 @ 01:37 PM CST [link]

Introducing....Articles section!

We have added the new articles section to our in-process navigation. We're happy to give you new HQ scans to the Dangerous and Moving press kit articles and various english articles from U.S.A. and around the world. Check them out!

Dangerous and Moving press kit (First 3 articles)

Blender 2003 (3 articles)

^Various english articles are a big thanks to our new addition to allmylove.org; svEn. Everybody show her some love!
Amanda on 04.13.07 @ 01:14 AM CST [link]

87 unofficial remixes added

Hey guys! We've started working on our media section and so far we've got 87 unofficial remixes (and counting) up for download! Enjoy. No hotlinking please. We mean this.

Amanda's top picks:
Prostie Dvizinya (DJ Pandel Trance Remix)
Vsya Moya Lyubov (Dr. Sigma Remix)
t.A.T.u. & Rammstein Polchasa Bez Tebya (Very Sad Mix)
Right click > save target as.

svEn's top picks:
t.A.T.u. & Rammstein Ist Das Gut! (XXX Mix)
Obezyanka Nol (Xelakad Electropop Remix)
Scream (Flydream Remix)
Right click > save target as.

(We'd like to thank friend tatuexclusive.net for some of these fabulous remixes).

Amanda on 04.11.07 @ 11:32 PM CST [link]

New Lena diary entry

Source: Tatu.ru

April, 11
Hey! I'm sitting in a Chinese restaurant and waiting for Julia. Want to talk with her a little bit more about the upcoming album and the future trip. Friday we're leaving for the States. I so don't want to spend 12 hours on the plane... I wish there was somebody who can make this trip last at least 4 hours! But no... However, I've been missing it: It's been a while since we were in Los Angeles last time. And the temperature should be +25-30 C. You know, I'm a heat-loving person to an impossible degree. So, wait for our new songs! Kisses! Ok, Julia's here
Amanda on 04.11.07 @ 11:48 AM CST [link]

New layout!

We have a new layout as you can tell! I was so ecstatic about getting it up that I couldn't finish the new content. I was working on it all day too. So hold tight, I'll be getting it up gradually. Until then, I hope you bookmarked some of our old pages. ENJOY! So much to come...we hope you'll stay with us!
Amanda on 04.09.07 @ 08:34 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u. Blog

Source: Tatu.ru

Hi, guys!

We decided to create a special place of meeting for band's fans - t.A.T.u. BLOG.

It is almost impossible that somebody of you doesn't know about blogs, but just in case… A blog is an on-line diary. It can be for everybody or only for friends. There you can discuss everything you want and be in touch with friends leaving comments in their blogs. t.A.T.u. BLOG is your personal online area where you can post photos, videos, leave diary entries, make communities and - which is especially important - be in touch with us.

But the main thing is that all active t.A.T.u.-bloggers will be members of the official t.A.T.u. fan-club which was quite a "blurry" idea during 8 years of the band's history.

What do we mean by "active"? We mean that you keep blogging and discussing all good things and not so good things (real life is much more interesting than "approved news", right?) that happen around the band. In our turn we promise to all t.A.T.u. bloggers exclusive information about t.A.T.u...

Lena and Julia's (and someone else's) diary entries will eventually be available there...

Well, t.A.T.u. blog will soon start working - join us!

t.A.T.u. Team


t.A.T.u. blog + t.A.T.u. fan club = GET EXCITED PEOPLE!!!
svEn on 04.09.07 @ 10:12 AM CST [link]

New icons [x6] [by svEn]

Yo! 'Tis svEn here, the NEW official graphic maker of allmylove.org!
A few of my icons have been added, so check 'em out, ya?

Remember, hotlinking is a no-no! Credit is nice though. It makes me all tingly inside.

And for those who have been asking...YES, a new layout is on its way. So no worries, 'kay?

Well, that's it for me. Talk to you all later, yes or yes?

Be sure to check out the rest of our icons!!

Aaaaaaand...svEn out!
svEn on 04.07.07 @ 01:24 AM CST [link]

New icons [x12] [by Amanda]

Hi guys! My friend Angie and I are doing some revamping on the icons page. So, to start it off, here are some icons I made. I hope you like. No hot linking please and credit would be nice.

Also be sure to check out our full section!

Amanda on 04.06.07 @ 04:21 AM CST [link]

Gallery & forum info

We're sorry to inform you guys that the reason why we haven't posted gallery updates is because we're still having problems. We're unsure how to fix them, we believe we'll have to reinstall our and tatumedia's gallery. If we have to, allmylove.org and tatumedia.net will go seperate ways - gallery wise. But with this we'll add a lot of new pictures and a new layout in honor of it. As will tatumedia.net.

Our forum is very dead and I don't even post on it anymore. If anyone is still interested in our forum, we will get a new forum as allmylove.org/forum if possible. But if no one is interested, we will remove the invisionfree forum link. We won't delete it, we might need it for back-up purposes.

Thank you for your understanding. Know that we will always fight for our content despite any problems and/or failed attempts. Please comment (don't email me) with any suggestions and/or complaints.

Amanda on 04.02.07 @ 05:08 PM CST [link]