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04/09/2007: "t.A.T.u. Blog"

Source: Tatu.ru

Hi, guys!

We decided to create a special place of meeting for band's fans - t.A.T.u. BLOG.

It is almost impossible that somebody of you doesn't know about blogs, but just in case… A blog is an on-line diary. It can be for everybody or only for friends. There you can discuss everything you want and be in touch with friends leaving comments in their blogs. t.A.T.u. BLOG is your personal online area where you can post photos, videos, leave diary entries, make communities and - which is especially important - be in touch with us.

But the main thing is that all active t.A.T.u.-bloggers will be members of the official t.A.T.u. fan-club which was quite a "blurry" idea during 8 years of the band's history.

What do we mean by "active"? We mean that you keep blogging and discussing all good things and not so good things (real life is much more interesting than "approved news", right?) that happen around the band. In our turn we promise to all t.A.T.u. bloggers exclusive information about t.A.T.u...

Lena and Julia's (and someone else's) diary entries will eventually be available there...

Well, t.A.T.u. blog will soon start working - join us!

t.A.T.u. Team


t.A.T.u. blog + t.A.T.u. fan club = GET EXCITED PEOPLE!!!

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