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04/09/2007: "New layout!"

We have a new layout as you can tell! I was so ecstatic about getting it up that I couldn't finish the new content. I was working on it all day too. So hold tight, I'll be getting it up gradually. Until then, I hope you bookmarked some of our old pages. ENJOY! So much to come...we hope you'll stay with us!

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on Saturday, April 14th, Coco said

its ok, though Im not a fan of that rough cut-edge thingy on the left pic. but nice work anyways:)

on Wednesday, April 11th, Amanda said

Yeah, Kelsea, I realized it finally & fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks for the comments everybody!

on Wednesday, April 11th, Kelsea said

It's fixed now :).

Ughhh so pretty!

on Wednesday, April 11th, Taty Girl said

Lena wrotes something new in her diary.. :))

on Tuesday, April 10th, Flo said

This site is the best t.A.T.u. site. :) I love the layout and everything else. Great work. <333

on Tuesday, April 10th, Amanda said

Hey Kelsea, what version of firefox are you using? And could you take a screenshot? 'Cause I designed it for firefox - it looks right in mine. Thanks!

on Tuesday, April 10th, Kelsea said

I'm TOTALLY excited. One small thing, however...

In Firefox, the main frame (the one with all the news and updates) is shifted too far to the left, putting it underneath the left frame.

aml.org is my favorite t.A.T.u. fansite :)

on Tuesday, April 10th, John said

omf i love it of cors ei am gonna stay with you, this layotu si fucking amazing

on Tuesday, April 10th, Taty Girl said

Amazing!! Layout is beautiful....awwww