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04/11/2007: "New Lena diary entry"

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April, 11
Hey! I'm sitting in a Chinese restaurant and waiting for Julia. Want to talk with her a little bit more about the upcoming album and the future trip. Friday we're leaving for the States. I so don't want to spend 12 hours on the plane... I wish there was somebody who can make this trip last at least 4 hours! But no... However, I've been missing it: It's been a while since we were in Los Angeles last time. And the temperature should be +25-30 C. You know, I'm a heat-loving person to an impossible degree. So, wait for our new songs! Kisses! Ok, Julia's here

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on Sunday, April 15th, Coco said

Itīs all in here :)

on Saturday, April 14th, Amanda said

Very interesting info, Coco.

on Saturday, April 14th, Coco said

Lena doesnīt write her entries on a laptop, she says she sends an sms to her pr manager who passes them to web. Or then they write their messages on a paper. I was surprised to learn that.

on Wednesday, April 11th, svEn said

Yulia should have taken Lena's laptop and been like..."Okay, I've just arrived at a Chinese restaurant to meet up with Lena. I totally stole her laptop to write this entry. MUAHAHAHA!"

lolz. Hey, it could happen! >.>;