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04/18/2007: "Collector guide by me"

The updates on AML are fairly slow. I apologize for this. I haven't been able to get much work done because my router broke again.

So I thought I'd post this amateur "collector guide" I wrote on ebay.com. It is from my point of view of t.A.T.u. music collecting. I will write a more detailed, professional one for tatucollector.net in the future, don't fret.

^Click image to view.

Fun fact: svEn and I are both t.A.T.u. collectors. Did you know?

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on Thursday, April 19th, Amanda said

Aww. No way. I want the butterfies to roam freeeeee. I am a hippie.

on Thursday, April 19th, Coco said

Maybe a bad example...when you think of it, whatīs healthy about poisoning beatiful butterflies and putting them on your wall? Thatīs just weird.

on Thursday, April 19th, svEn said

Fresh air? Ewwz...


on Thursday, April 19th, Coco said

Your updates are much better than for example tatysites :)

Hmm...maybe you should give up the Tatu collecting and start collecting butterflies. Itīs cheaper and more ecological and gives you fresh air and exercice.

on Wednesday, April 18th, svEn said

They know now. ;]

Oh, and I finally read it!! AWESOMENESS LIKE WHOA.