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04/20/2007: "Article about Lena w/ Pashtet!"

Source: Tatu.ru

ОК! photographer managed to take pictures of the singer with a dog near her house in Krilatskoe Area. The puppy was picked up in the street by Lena’s neighbours before the New Year, but they decided not to keep it. Lena and her boyfriend Tolya decided to take the dog: They wanted to get the puppy for a long time by then. The dog turned out to be capricious and even escaped from Lena several times. That's why Lena always takes with her his favourite delicacy - crackers. Actually Pashtet is very kind. He doesn't growl on other dogs and he only smells about and wags his tail when he meats one. White labrador didn't pay on Pashtet any attention when the latter approached. Having seen in Lena's hand crackers, labrador started to jump towards her and stained her light jacket. The labrador's owner had to lead away her dog, and Lena went home to wash her jacket.

When the puppy was picked up, he had a dog-collar, and first Lena and Tolya tried to find his owners. They even posted announcements in the area. But the owner was not found. The puppy was named Pashtet. He got nicknames right away: A long one – Pashtet Ivanovich - and a short one - P. I.

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on Saturday, April 21st, svEn said

Lena's dogs are made of awesome.